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Chapter 8 Vocab

Death Investigations

adipocere if the body is in a hot, moist location, a soapy apperance develops within three months
algor mortis refers to postmortem cooling process of the body and can be extremely helpful in homicide investigations
asphyxiation when the body tissues and the brain recieve insufficent oxygen to support the red blood cells
autoerotic asphyxiation victim has sought to intensify sexual gratification by placing a rope or other ligature around the neck and causing just enough constriction to create hypoxia
cadaveric spasm a condition that occurs in specific muscle groups
criminal homicide subdivided into murder and manslaughter
criminal negligence creating a situtation that results in an unreasonable risk of death or great bodily harm
defense wounds cuts on hands, arms, and legs resulted from warding of attacker
equivocal death either a homicide or a suicide depending upon the circumstances, "staged death"
excusable homicide unintentional, truly accidental killing of another person
expressive violence stemming from hurt feelings, anger, or rage
first-degree murder advanced planning and the intent to cause death
heat of passion extremely volatile arguements between two people
hesitation wounds less severe cutting marks that are caused by trying to build courage to make fatal wound
homicide the killing of one person by another
instrumental violence goal-directed predatory behavior used to excert control
involuntary manslaughter accidental homicide that results from extreme negligence
justifiable homicide killing another person under authorization of the law
lethal predator possessing lethal violence, multiple acts of sexual predation, mental abnormality, and legal sanity
livor mortis settling of the blood in the lower portion of the body
lust murder is a sex-related homicide invovling a sadistic, deviant assualt
malicious intent element of first- and second-degree murder, implies ill will, cruetly, or wickedness
manslaughter unlawful killing of another person with no prior malice
mass murder the act of murdering a number of people, typically simultaneously or over a relatively short period of time
mummification complete dehydration of all body tissues
murder the most severe statutory crime
noncriminal homicide subdivided into excusable and justifiable homicide
postmortem lividity dark blue or purple discoloration of the body
predation an intentional act of selecting, pursuing, and overpowering a person and then inflicting harm to them
premeditation advanced planning, consideration
rigor mortis latin term that literally translates to "stiffness of death
second-degree murder intent to cause death but no premeditation
serial murder is the killing of three or more seperate vitims, with a "cooling off" periods between the killings
suicide the intentional taking of one's life
suicide by police situtation in which a person decides he or she wants to die but does not want to pull the trigger so they force police to
third-degree murder involves neither premeditation nor intent
toxicology the study of poisons
voluntary manslaughter intentional causing of the death of another person in the heat of passion
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