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Genetics unit 6

Members of a chromosome pair Homologous chromosomes
The mixture of DNA and protein that makes up a chromosome Chromatin
The point at which sister chromatids are attached to each other Centromere
The process in which genes, or parts of DNA, are transferred from one organism to another Genetic engineering
The passing of traits from parents to offspring Heredity
A DNA molecule formed by combining pieces of DNA from more than one species Recombinant DNA
A group of genetically identical cells that usually contains identical recombinant DNA molecules Clone
A living thing whose DNA has been altered by addition or deletion of genes. GMO genetically modified organisms
The combination of a nitrogen base, sugar, and phosphate molecules that form a subunit of the DNA chain. Nucleotide
The mating of closely related individuals Inbreeding
A nucleic acid made up of nucleotides that contain ribose as the as the sugar rather than the deoxyribose found in DNA RNA ribonucleic acid
Small loops of DNA that exist in bacteria along with the typical long strands of chromosomal DNA Plasmids
The total genetic material of an organism Genome
The process in which DNA molecules make exact duplicates Replication
The weaker of two traits Recessive trait
Bred from same parents of the same variety Purebred
Contains genetic material into which DNA from an unrelated organism has been artificially introduced Transgenic
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