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microbiologyNBEO 1


____ is associated with extended CL wear acanthamoeba
acanthamoeba is a ____ protozoan
Actinomyces is an aerobic, Gram ___, fungus-like bacteria that produces some antibiotics +
aerobic metabolism is ___ effective than anaerobic 18x
an ____ aerobe can only use oxygen obligate
Aspergillus is a filamentous fungi, treated with Amphotericin B
autoclaving consist of ___ and steam for ___ minutes 121 C, 15
___ is the best means of disinfection autoclaving
Bacterial cell walls are made of ___ peptidoglycan
Candida albicans can be cultured on ____ agar at room temp Sabouraud'
___ is a virulence factor in bacteria capsule
Closstidium perfringens is responsible for _____ gas gangrene
Corynebacterium diphtheriae is a non spore forming Gram ( )bacilli +
corneal ulcers are commonly caused by ____, a non motile aerobic rod pseudomona ( gram -)
corneybacterium and E coli are ___ shaped and commmon in normal flora club
endotoxincs are found only in gram __ organsism -
filamentous fungi have ___ and ___ spores and hyphae
___ are good against pseudomonas fluoroquinolones
fungal indentification in made on the basis of presence of ___ and ___ in culture spores and hyphae
common fungal infection ( jock itch, athlete's foot, & ringworm ) begin with ___ tinea
fungi have cell walls made of ___ chitin
neisseria, haemophilus, moraxella will grow on ___ chocolate agar
gram (__) lance shaped diplococcus is STREP pneumoniae +
___ is not transmitted at birth haemophilus ( but neisseria, chlamydia, treponema are)
Haemophilus is non motile, gram __ coccobaccilus negative
herpes viruses have an ____ envelope (DNA)
Heterotrophs get energy from __ organic sources
____ is a fungal infection that resemeble TB histoplasmosis
____is haemophilus aegyptius associated with conjunctivitis Kocks weeks bacillus
molds reproduce by spores
Moraxella commonly causes problems in the ___ eldery
Mycobacterium are visualized with an ___ acid fast stain
Mycoplasma are __ aerobes facultative
Mycoplasma lack ___ so ___ is not effective but antibiotics that attack membranes or protein synthesis are cell wall, PCN
N. gonorrhea is a gram ( ) aerobic diplococcus negative
___ is a river blindness Onchocheriasis
____ is the most common cause of bacterial conjunctivitis strep pneumoniae
___ are unicellular hetertrophs Protoza
Pseudomembranous colitis is caused by ____ clostridum difficile
Pseudomonias aeruginosa is gram ( ) rod neg
___ is an intracellular parasite that causes rocky mtn spotted fever Rickettsia
spirochetes are similar to helical gram ( ) bacteria negative
spore forming bacteria are ___ (aerobic) and ___ (anaerobic) bacillus and clostridium
staph and strep both will grow on ____ blood agar
____ causes boils, absesses, toxic shock syndrome staph aureus
staph epidermidis is catalase ( ), coagulase ( ) and gram ( ) +,-,+
____ is considered to be normal flora staph epidermidis
staphlococcus aureus is () coagulese +
___ produces antibiotic streptomyces
syphilis is caused by treponeuma pallidium
the __ phase of bacterial growth is the best time to use drugs LOG
___ is a worm parasite carried by dogs Toxocariasis
____is an obligate parasite carried by cats Toxoplasmosis
___ is taking up naked DNA, ___ is via cell-cell contact, ___ is via viruses transformation, conjugation, transduction
__ is the virus of chicken pox Varicella zoster
Yeast are ___, Molds are ___, both are_____ unicellular, multicellular, non photosynthetic
Yeast infection are mostly caused by __ ___ candida albicns
yeast reproduce ___ and by ___ sexually, budding
Created by: rajal2010