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wh 6thgrade science

flying etc.

wat was Wilbur and Orville Wright's goal? to fly a plane heavier than air
WHERE did they test their odd vehichle? Kitty Hawk, NC
Wat did they study to f their idea? they studied the flight of birds
how long did their 1st flight last? 12 seconds
wat year did the bros. fly? 1903
wat was the name of their 1st plane? the Flyer 1
____________ was a swiss scientist Bernoulli
State Bernoulli's principle: "the pressure exerted by a moving stream of fluid is less than the pressure of the surrounding fluid
bernoulli found out that the faster a fluid moves the _______________ the fluid exerts less pressure
Moving water exerts ______________ than still air less pressure
Why does a shower curtain move inward while water is on? because the stream of moving water inside the curtain drags air with it
a _________ keeps a racecar on the ground spoiler
What r u doin' when u squeeze the bulb of an atomizer? you r causing the air to move quickly past the top of the tube
________= an upward force lift
True or False: A bird's wing is shaped like a plane's wing? TRUE
the upward force caused by the pressure on the top side of the wing being lower than the pressure on the bottom side of the wingis called ___________? lift
the air friction on the wing as it moves through the air? drag
A/an ___________ is a shaped surface designed to provide lift? airfoil
True or False: An airfoil with a more sharply curved upper surface creates less lift? FALSE: it creates more lift!
True or False: the more curve the more lift? True
________________ states that the pressure exerted by a moving stream of fluid is less than the pressure of the surrounding fluid? Bernoulli's principle
Created by: claytonlowder