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Science Ch 7 L1/2

What are forms of Energy?

Energy is required whenever the _____________,____________, or ________________ of something changes. position (location), chemical structure, or look
Energy cannot be ____________or ______________. made or destroyed
Energy is____________________ from form to form. transferred
Energy moves from one___________________________ object to another object.
electrical energy is caused by __________________________ movement of electrically charged particles
electrical energy flows through devices to_______________ power them
light energy travels through _____________ waves
light energy can move through _________________ empty space
Some light energy comes from the _________ sun
sound energy is the energy of _______________ in air, water, or other matter vibrations
thermal energy is due to randomly _______________ that make up matter moving particles
thermal energy flow is felt as_________ heat
The faster particles move, the ________ thermal energy is produced more
potential energy is energy that is ____________ in an object stored
When an object is in motion, its potential energy is _____________ as other forms of energy released
Potential energy is released as other forms such as ____________,___________________, or _______________ sound, heat, or motion
kinetic energy is the energy of motion
A moving swing or a hurricane both have_____________ energy kinetic
All moving things have ... kinetic energy.
The amount of kinetic energy depends on the _________ and __________ of the object. speed and mass
Gravitational, chemical, and elastic are all forms of ____________Energy Potential
A ____________ object has gravitational potential energy raised
The HIGHER or HEAVIER an object is, the more _________ _______________ __________ it has. gravitational potential energy
chemical is stored in the _____________ that hold particles together connections
The human body digests food and the chemical energy turns into other forms of energy used to ________,__________,and ______ move, talk, and live
a stretched rubber band or a compressed spring have ________ _________ _________ elastic potential energy
Elastic potential energy can change into ________ energy and _________ energy sound/kinetic
A Pendulum in a Clock: When a pendulum is at its highest position, it has the _________________. greatest potential energy
A Pendulum in a Clock: As the pendulum starts to swing down, the potential energy changes to __________ energy. kinetic
A Pendulum in a Clock: At its lowest position, the pendulum has the __________ kinetic energy. greatest
A Pendulum in a Clock: As the pendulum swings back up, the kinetic energy decreases and the potential energy___________. increases
Conduction is the transfer of heat that occurs when one thing touches another.
Thermal energy flows from something warm to something cool.
Heat is the transfer of ______________ between matter of different temperatures. thermal energy
A heat source is anything that gives off energy that particles of matter can take in.
Convection is the transfer of thermal energy as matter moves (as a gas or a liquid moves from place to place).
In convection, particles in warm air or liquid ______________________, while cooler air enters in to take the place of the warmer upward air or liquid move faster and travel upward
Radiation or radiant energy is energy that is sent out in waves.
Radiant energy (radiation) is converted to thermal energy when it touches the matter of a person's body.
Radiation can travel through matter and through empty space.
Fossil Fuels come from the remains of organisms that lived millions of years ago
Coal, natural gas, and oil are all fossil fuels. When burned, fossil fuels produce useful heat.
Objects that are black absorb all the colors of visible light. When the light is absorbed, it becomes a form of heat.
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