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terms from Russia

runs from Moscow to the esat coast of Russia, longest rail line in the world Trans-Siberian Railroad
government owns all property and controls all aspects of life (from 1922-1991) communism
based on free trade and competition among businesses market economy
government owns all businesses and farms and makes all decisions about money command economy
rivalry between USSR and US; competition over superior weapons Cold War
mean dictator of communist Russia Joseph Stalin
1st leader of Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin
unpleasant Soviet labor camps gulags
located in Moscow's Red Square, commissioned/built by Ivan IV St. Basil's cathedral
where Europe and Asia meet Ural Mts.
Russian country houses dachas
longest river in Europe Volga River
vast forest of evergreen trees taiga
form of the Greek alphabet introduced by Orthodox Christian missionaries Cyrillic
huge area between the Pacific Ocean and the Urals Siberia
example: Catherine the great or Ivan IV czar
took over power in the Russian Revolution to begin communism (1922) Bolsheviks
important natural resource and export for Russia oil
mountain range located in Southern Russia, between Caspian and Black Sea Caucasus Mts.
factories that produce and process metals like copper and iron smelters
world's largest country Russia
Russia's capital Moscow
Created by: mrsmansour