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Carolines text

Ch 8 Vascular access, and admi.

The total body water constitutes how much of the weight of an adult man? In % 60%
What is intracellular fluid and how much in % does it account for body weight Water contained inside the cells. 45%
What is extracellular fluid and how much in % does it account for body weight the water outside the cells. 15%
Intracellular fluid is further devided into 2 other types of fluids. What are they Interstitial fluid, and Intravascular fluid.
What is Interstitial fluid and how much in % does it account for in body weight The water bathing the cells. 10.5% of the body weight
What is intravascular fluid and how much in % does it account for in body weight The watger within the blood vessels (Plasma). 4.5%
A solution is a mixture of what 2 things Solute, Solvent
What is a solvent A fluid that does the dissolving, or the solution that contains the dissolved components.
What is a solute The dissolved particles contained in the solvent.
When compounds or charges concentrated on one side of the cell membrane move across it to an area of lower concentratrion, This is referred to as Diffusion
When a cell uses energy to actively transport compounds across it's membrane, this is called Active transport
What reflects the concentration of sodium in a solution and the movement of water in relation to the sodium levels inside and outside the cell Tonicity
A healthy person loses approximately how much fluid from urine output, the lungs, and skin 2-2.5L
What is defined as inadequate total systemic fluid volume Dehydration
What is it called when the body's total systemic fluid volume increases Overhydration
What are the fiv e basic types of IV fluids Isoytonic, Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Crystalloid, colloid
Lactated ringers should not be given to patients with liver failure becuase, They can't metabolize the lactate
D5W is an isotonic solution in the bag, but becomes what type of solution once administered hypotonic
Hypotonic solutions can cause cells to do what Lise
a Hypotonic solution will cause whater to what be pulled from the vascular compartment and into the interstitial space potentially causeing cells to burst
What is third spacing An abnormal fluid shift into the interstitial compartment.
What are crystalloid solutions Dissolved crystals in water. Like sugar and salt
What is the 3-1 replacement rule When administering an isotonic crystalloid solution you have to replace 1ml of blood (say from blood loss) with 3ml of isotonic crystalloid solution
Why use the 3-1 rule. What happens to 2/3 of the solution It will leave the vascular space in about an hour
What are the fluid bolus rates when trying to maintain profusion and LOC 20ml/kg
What blood type is universally compatible O-negative blood
What is a perpheral vein a vein that can be palpated and/or seen.
What size are microdrip sets 60gtts
What size are macrodrip sets 10 or 15gtts
Putting an IV in the leg puts the patient more at risk for Venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism
The escape of fluid into the surrounding tissue causing localized edema is known as infiltration
Inflammation of the vein and the presence of a clot is known as Thrombophlebitis
The physical blockage of a vein or catheter is known as Occlusion
An accumulation of blood in the tissue surrounding an iv site is known as a hematoma
Foreign protiens capacle of producing a fever are Pyrogens
What is characterized by an abrupt temperature elevation pyrogenic reaction
How can you largely avoid a pyrogenic reaction inspecting the bag for any leaks cloudiness or discoloration
How much extra fluid can a healthy adult handle without compromise 2-3 liters
How much air introduced into the circulatory system can a healthy adult handle without compromise 200ml
The shaft of a long bone is called diaphysis
the ends of a long bone are called epiphyses
The growth plate of the long bone is called epiphyseal plate
What occurs when the IO needle doesn’t rest in the IO space, but rather rests outside the bone Extravesation
Inflammation of the bone and muscle caused by an infection is called Osteomyelitis
Contraindications to an IO are fracture, osteoporosis, osteogenesis perfecta, bilateral knee replacements.
Only four medications can be administered through an et tube. What are they? LEAN Lidocaine, Epinephrine, Atropine, Narcan.
List in order the rates of absorption of all medication delivery routes, in order from fastest to slowest IO, IV, ET, Inhalation, Sublingual, IM, SC, Rectal, Oral, and Topical.
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