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Academy Midterm

Some review of notes for Academy Midterm

CL: Which ORS covers offenses vs. persons? ORS 163
CL/DI: Which ORS covers death investigation? ORS 146 (all)
CFA: What does SMARCH stand for? Security/ Massive bleeding/ Airway/ Respiration/ Circulation/ Hypothermia
Gangs: Surenos are the color _____ and the number ______. The color blue, the number 13
Gangs: Nortenos are the color ______ and the number _______. The color red, and the number 14
CL: What is the main difference between Theft I and Theft II? Theft I: $1,000+ stolen Theft II: Between $100-$1,000 stolen
CL: What is the main difference between Theft II and Theft III? Theft II: Between $100-$1,000 stolen Theft III: Less than $100 stolen
Gangs: What is IGET? Interagency Gang Enforcement Team
Gangs: OMG means what? Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
CI: How do you take photos of a crime scene? Start from the outside, and work your way in
CI: How do you take two photos at the same distance of an object/person of interest? One photo WITH a scale, one photo WITHOUT scale
DV: What are resources for a victim after a DV incident? [Get at least a few of these correct] -DA's office -Adult and family services -Law enforcement -DHS -Restraining Order
DV/CL: Which ORS covers Family and Household members? ORS 107.705 (3)
DV: What word for obstructed breathing should you be very careful with/avoid using? "Choked"
RW: How much detail should you use in Report Writing? State all relevant facts only, no "blue sky, green grass" level of detail.
EVOC: Rule #1 about vehicle operation is? Not about Speed, it's about efficiency and consistency
EVOC: What does the CCSO Cornering Principle say? When turning: outside, outside, inside
EVOC: What ORS section covers mostly driving? ORS 811 (811.100, 811.145, 811.265)
Created by: dornfeldgresham
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