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Chap 11. p.2

chap. 11

Name 2 nerve gps. of the peripheral nervous system. cranial and spinal
term viscera? smooth muscle tissue
where do somatic fibers run to? CNS to skeletal muscles
3 types of nerve fibers sensory, motor, and mixed
_____ nerve fiber conducts impulses to muscles or glands motor
______ nerve fibers conducts impulses into the brain or spinal cord sensory
___ nervve fibers contain both motor and sensory nerve fibers. mixed
_____ ______ ______ carry motor impulses from the CNS to skeletal muscles general somatic efferent
______ ______ ______ carry motor impulses from the CNS to viscera general visceral efferent
_____ ______ ______ carry sensory impulses to the CNS from the skeletal muscles general somatic afferent
_____ ______ ______ carry sensory impulses to the CNS from the viscera general visceral afferent
_____ ______ ______ carry sensory impulses to the brain from olfactory and taste receptors special visceral afferent
_____ ______ ______ carry sensory impules to the brian from receptors of sight, hearing, and equilibrium special somatic afferent
_____ ______ ______ carry motor impulses to the brain from muscles of chewing, facial expressions, and speaking special somatic efferent
cranial nerves? 12
spinal nerves 31
function of the optic nerve transmit impules associated with vision
olfactory nerve brings sense of smell
oculomotor raise eyelids, and moves the eyes
which cranial nerve contails the maxillary, mandibular, and opthalmic divisions? trigeminal
_______ cranial nerve carries motor impulses that move the eye throchlear
_______ division of the trigeminal nerve serves the upper jaw maxillary
_______ divisions of the trigeminal nerve that serves the lower jaw mandibular
sensory impules from the taste receptors are carried by the _______ cranial nerve facial
_______ cranial nerve carries motor impules to the mucles that move the eye abducens
sensory impules from the pharynx, tongue, and tonsils are carried by the _______ cranial nerve glossopharyngeal
sensory impulses from hearing receptors are delivered by the _______ cranial nerve cochlear
viscera of the thorax and abdomen are served by the_______ cranial nerve vagus
_______ cranial nerve carries motor impules to the tongue hypoglossal
motor muscles of the back and neck are served impulses by the _______ cranial nerve accessory
cervial c1-c8
thoraic t1-t12
lumbar L1-L5
scaral s1-s5
coccygeal CO
deratome deff. area of skin the sensory nerve fibers of particular spinal nerve innervate
which part of the body do the lumbar spinal nerves serve as sensory receptors for the skin? lower back
nerve plexus? mass of sensory nerve endings
name the types of nerve plexuses cervical, bracial, and lumbosacral
which area of body is served by the brachial plexuses from shoulder to hand
which area of the body is served by the lumbosacral plexuses lumbar region to pelvic cavity
which are of the body is served by the cervical plexuses deep w/i the neck
_______ nerve serve the should area in the arms axillary
_______ nerves serve the posterior forearm radial
_______ nerves serve the anterior forearm ulnar
_______ nerves serve all the way down to the feet sciatic
_______ nerves serve the adductor muscles of the thigh femoral
_______ nerves serve muscles of the thigh obturator
_______ nervous system functions without conscious thought autonomic
2 divisions of the autonomic nervous system symptheic and paraympathetic
four divisions of the autonomic nervous system controls visceral muscle and regulates smooth, cardiac and glands
function of parasympathetic division perpares body for rest and digestion
function of sympathetic division prepares body for fight or flight situation
_____ system and the _________ _______ control emotions. limbic and cerbal cortex
temp, hunger, thirst, visceral functions are controlled by the _____? hypothalamus
Regulating heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure are controlled by the medulla oblongata
how much does the brain shrink in life time 10
most neuron cell death occurs in the ___ lobe as we age frontal lobe
how do our sleep patterns change as we age fewer sleeping hours
describe what occurs to cause a concussion when brain jarred against cranium
name two symptoms of cerbal palsy seizures, learning disablilites
what causes a stroke blood clot
list 4 symptoms of a concussion consciousness, loss of memory, cloudiness, and headache
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