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Paramedic/Peds drugs

Pediatric drug doses

Sodium Bicarb - (ped doses) >3mo = 1.0 mEq/kg of 8.4%<3mo = 1.0mEq/kg of 4.2%
Lidocaine - (ped doses) Vfib, pulseless Vtac + MAX dose 1.0 mg/kg repeat in 3-5 minmax 3.0 mg/kg
Lidocaine - (ped doses)- Pulsing Vtac + SUPPLY 1.0 MG/kg every 5-10 min Supplied 100mg/5ml
Lidocaine - (ped doses)Maint drip after conversion 20-50 mcg/kg/min
Lidocaine - (ped doses)Pre-Intibation 1.0mg/kg IV/IO
Amioderone - (Peds doses)Vfib/pulseless Vtac + Max dose 5mg/kg IV Bolus IV/IO 15mg/kg
Amioderone - (Peds doses)perfusing Supraventricular/Ventricular arrhytmias 5mg/kg over 20-60 minutes
Atropine - (Peds doses) Asystole/PEA .02mg/kg (min single dose .1mg)
Atropine - (Peds doses)organo phosphate poisining - OGP usually begin with .05mg/kg and repeat with .05mg/kg 5-10min
Adenosine - (Ped dose)SVT/PSVT 1st dose .1mg/kg to max 6mg2nd dose .2mg/kg to max 12mg , may repeat 1 more X
Epinephrine (ped doses)Asthma-severe distress/ Allergic reaction .01 mg/kg of 1:1000 to max of .3 mg SQ, may repeat in 20 min
Epinephrine (ped doses)Anaphalaxis .05mg/kg of 1:10,000 to max of .01mg/kg
Epinephrine (ped doses)Pulseless Arrest (PEA,VF,Pulseless VT,Asystole, or HR <60 in neonates and Bradycardia .01mg/kg of 1:10,000 IV/IO or .1mg/kg in 2ml NS ET
Isopruternol/Isuprel (Ped dose)Bradycardia 2-10mcg/kg/min titrated to Systolic of 90 or HR>60. Mix .5mg in 250 bag
Calcium Chloride - (Ped dose)Supplied 2-4mg/kg 1g in prefilled 10ml, 10% solution
Thiamine (Ped dose)+ supply 10-25mg100mg/10ml
Phenergan (Peds dose) .5-1.0mg/kg PR
Mannitol (Ped dose)+ supply To decrease ICP .5g/kg slow over 30-60 min100g/10cc must use inline filter, can crystalize
Succinylcholine/ Anectone (Peds dose) + Supply 1-2mg/kg IV/IM/IO200mg/10ml
Veccuronium/Norcuron (peds dose)+ supply .1mg/kg to a max single dose of 10mg/kg10mh/10ml
Diazepam/Valium (Peds dose)+Suplied .25mg/kg IVP slow over 2 minutes, max 1mg/kg Titrate to seizure control
Versed (Ped dose) + Supply .05mg/kg or may use 3mg intranasal1mg/kg or 5mg/ml
Fentanyl Citrate (peds dose) + supply Over age of 2yrs = 2mcg/kg slow over 1 minute
Morphine (peds dose)+ supply Pain - .1mg/kg repeat every 5 min PRN2mg/ml ampule
Dextrose (peds dose) .5g/kg of 25% ( take D50 empty 25cc's and refill w/NS)Neonates .5g/kg of D10
Narcan peds dose + supplied <5yrs .4-2.0mg - may repeat after 3 min if no change seen. 5yrs > .1mg/kgSuppied 2mg/ml
Glucagon- peds dose + supplied Hypoglycemia 1.0units may repeat ever 3 min. Beta Blocker OD 1-3 units – may repeat every 20 min. Supplied 1unit with solute
Activated Charcoal – peds dose = supplied 1g/kg ( typically 25g) PO. Supplied 25g/125cc
Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride/Benedryl – Peds dose + supplied 1mg/kg (max single dose 50mg) Supplied 50mg/1cc
Insulin/Humilin – peds dose + supplied .1-.2units/kg/hr. supplied 100units in 10cc
Ipratropium Bromide/Atrovent – peds dose + supplied .15-.25mg nebulizer (One time only). Supplied .5mg/3cc
Tributaline Sulphate – peds dose+ supplied .01mg/kg SQ. supplied 1mg/1cc
Metaproterenol Sulphate/ Alupent- peds dose + supplied 10-15 mg in 3cc’s NS, or if Pt under 6yrs 7.5mg in 3cc’s. Supplied 15mg in 3cc
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