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Nat5 Multicellular

Control and communication

What are the three main parts of the nervous system? brain, spinal cord and the nerves.
What makes up the central nervous system? brain and spinal cord.
What is the function of the nervous system? To control the body by sending and receiving information by electrical impulses.
What are the three main parts of the brain? Cerebrum, cerebellum and the medulla.
What is the function of the cerebrum? Controls memory and conscious thought.
What is the function of the cerebellum? Controls balance.
What is the function of the medulla? Controls breathing and heart rate.
What are the three types of neurons? Sensory, relay and motor neurons.
Which is the type of nerve only found in the CNS? Relay nerve.
How do nerve cells communicate with each other? By the diffusion of chemicals across the synapse (gap) between two neurons.
What is the function of the reflex arc? Protection from harm.
What are the features of reflex arc? Fast and simple action that does not involve the brain.
What is reflex arc made up of? sensory receptors, sensory nerve, relay nerve, motor nerve, effector organ.
What are the two types of effector organ? A muscle or a gland.
What is a synapse? Synapse is a gap between neurons
What are endocrine glands? Organs that produce hormones.
What are hormones? Chemical messengers that travel in the blood to a target organ.
Name three examples of an endocrine gland? pancreas, testes, ovaries.
What is a target tissue? Target tissue has receptors that can bind a specific hormone.
How are target tissues specific to a certain hormone? the shape of the hormone and hormone receptor is complementary. They fit perfectly together.
Which endocrine organ produces hormones that regulate blood sugar? pancreas produces insulin and glucagon.
What are the hormones that regulate blood sugar? insulin and glucagon.
Which hormone is produced when blood sugar is too high? insulin.
Which hormone is produced when blood sugar is too low? glucagon.
What does glucagon do? causes glycogen to be converted into glucose.
What does insulin do? causes glucose to be stored as glycogen.
Where is glycogen stored? in the liver.
What is the name of the storage carbohydrate in animals? glycogen.
Production of which hormone goes wrong in diabetes? insulin.
What happens to blood sugar levels in diabetics? Blood sugar remains high as there is no or not enough insulin.
Which type of communication is faster nervous or hormonal control? Nervous control is faster.
Which type of communication is longer lasting nervous or hormonal control? Hormonal control is longer lasting.
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