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Geography chp 12

Eastern Europe

An area of political uncertainty, constant tension, and frequent changes in political boundaries is often called a shatter belt
Ninety-seven percent of Poles are descended from what people group? Slavs
The leader of Solidarity who later became the first president of free Poland was Lech Walesa
The Nazis killed more than 2.5 million Jews and Poles in the death camp thirty-three miles west of Kraków, Poland, known as Auschwitz
Which three countries were the first of the fifteen republics in the Soviet Union to declare independence? Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia
What country is the largest of the Baltic States and the home of the Hill of the Crosses? Lithuania
Which of the Baltic States is partially composed of fifteen hundred islands? Estonia
The dominant mountain system in eastern Europe is the Carpathians
The swift and peaceful overthrow of communism in Czechoslovakia was called the Velvet Revolution
After Czechoslovakia gained independence, the Czechs and Slovaks agreed to split the country in two in what was known as the Velvet Divorce
To give the Czech people a direct stake in the success of the new Czech Republic’s economy, the government began an experiment in mass privatization
The tendency of a region made up of many ethnically and religiously diverse minorities to break into small, hostile countries is called Balkanization
The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo
Mount Musala is the highest point in which mountain range? Balkan Mountains
Whereas most people of the Carpathians are Roman Catholic, the people of Romania are mostly Eastern Orthodox
The Danube River flows through a break in the Carpathian Mountains called the Iron Gate
Which three countries lie on the eastern plains? Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus
During and after what revolution did Ukraine experience fair elections and a shifted focus toward Western Europe and the EU? Orange Revolution
Which peninsula juts out into the Black Sea and is attached to Ukraine by a 2.5-mile-wide isthmus? Crimean Peninsula
What city serves as the headquarters for the CIS? Minsk
The “land of the Romans” Romania
Participated in the Dayton Peace Accords Bosnia and Herzegovina
Shaped like a boomerang Croatia
Capital is Belgrade Serbia
Most important industrial and agricultural center in the CIS Ukraine
Proclaimed by Enver Hoxha to be the first truly atheistic country Albania
Home of Solidarity Poland
Largest of the Baltic States; home of the Hill of Crosses Lithuania
Middle of the Baltic States; capital is Riga Latvia
“White Russia”; capital is Minsk Belaruse
Many ancestral roots in Magyars from the east Hungary
Capital is Sofia Bulgaria
Overthrew the Communist party in the Velvet Revolution Czech Republic
Croatia Be able to label on map
Lithuania Be able to label on map
Ukraine Be able to label on map
Kiev Be able to label on map
Warsaw Be able to label on map
Balkan Mountains Be able to label on map
Carpathian Mountains Be able to label on map
Crimean Peninsula Be able to label on map
Black Sea Be able to label on map
Vistula River Be able to label on map
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