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1000 facts/Pathology


a _ is the best way to dx cancer biopsy
a __ __ is least likely to metastasize brain tumor
a decrease in CD4 is found in type ___ 4 rxn
a diabetic will have ___ blood pH due to ketones lower
A __ forms on the vessel wall, An ___ is free floating. thrombus, embolus
___ dz causes decreased cortisol production addison
__ works by a reverse transcriptance enzyme AIDS
___ ___ presenst with decreased WBC,RBC, and platelets or pancytopenia Aplastic anemia
__ is a thiamin defiecency disorder BERI BERRY
___ is a classic sign of lead poisoning Burtonian gumline
___ dz results in increased cortisol levels Cushing
CV collapse in anaphylactic shock results from ___ BP decreased
____ is the most common adult behavioral disorder depression
diabetes causes ___ wound healing decrease
___ is a bacterial infection of heart valves endocarditis
fetal alcohol syndrome may cause __ microophthalmia
Ghon's tubercle may be found on a ___ of a TB pt CXR
__ is an autoimmune dz affecting the Basement membrane of the lung and kidneys GOODpasture
granulomas are typical of __ sarcoidosis
__ consist of epitheliod cells made up of macrophages with lympocytes granulomas
HIV __ T helper CD4 cells decrease
__ can rapidly change its coat antigen, this is why a vaccine has not been found yet HIV
HLA causes rejection in a type __ RXN 2
__ dz is a neoplastic disorder of the lymph nodes Hodkins
HIV is a ___ retrovirus ssRNA
___ can result in acromegaly hyperpituitarism
___ can result in cretinism hypothyroidism
hypovolemic shock may occur in __ burns
if CN V is affected by herpes zoster, you will have _____ ____ ____ upper lid involvement
in AIDS pt, T4:T8 ration decreases
in rheumatic fever, _____ will be elevated anti-streptolysin O
lead possoning should be treated with calcium disodium EDTA
leukemia results in ___ WBC decreased
leukemia is a proliferation of ___ WBCs abnormal
lots of lymphocytes on a slide indicates a ___ ___ viral infection
Mantoux Rx with TB is type __ rxn 4
mitral stenosis is seen with pulmonary edema
Opportunistic mycosis has causative agents which invade the __ tissue such as dermis subepithelial
parkinson's affects the __ substania nigra
___ is a niacin defiency in dementia, diarrhea, dermatis Pellagra
__ are present in Hodkin's dz Reed steinberg
__ is considered to be a pancarditis ( around the heart rheumatic fever
__ is an example of tissue degeneration rheumatoid arthritis
___ is a vit c defienceny Scurvy
___ is the most commmon bacterial cause of subacute endocarditis strep viridans
the most common genetic disorder in the US is __ Down's
___ generally does not spread to internal organs subcutaneous mycosis
the __ is the most common site for colon carcinoma rectum
Type __ DM results from decreased insulin secretion from pancreatic B cells 1
Type __ DM results from decreased insulin receptor fxn 2
__ causes HA in migraines vasodilation
___ is the virus of chicken pox Varicella zoster
Created by: rajal2010