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Exam 2 Bio 2

Chapter 41

3 vital things animals obtain from their food chemical energy, building blocks for macromolecules, and essential nutrients
The proteins in most meat products are ______ and contain all 8 essential amino acids for humans complete
The proteins in most plant products are _____and are missing one or more of the human essential amino acids incomplete
There are few of these essential nutrients and they are easy to obtain in seeds and grain fatty acids
The four essential nutrients are _____fatty acids, vitamins ,and minerals amino acids
____ are Organic compounds that are either H2O- or fat-soluble vitamins
the fat soluble vitamin ___ is responsible for visual pigments A
the fat soluble vitamin____ is responsible for blood clotting K
the fat soluble vitamin____is responsible for hormone function/bone production D
the fat soluble vitamin___ is responsible for the nervous system E
the H2O soluble vitamin____ is responsible for coenzymes B
the H2O soluble vitamin ____ is responsible for collagen production C
____ are Inorganic substances that are important in variety of body functions and many are important enzyme _____ minerals,cofactors
_____ occurs when a diet is lacking one or more essential nutrients malnutrition
______ occurs when a diet is lacking in required amounts of chemical energy undernutrition
some animals are deposit feeders/ substrate feeders which means they..... eat
____satisfy their nutritional needs by sucking body fluids from other organisms fluid feeders
______ ingest large pieces of food bulk feeders
In most animals, the vast majority of digestion is extracellular and occurs inside the digestive tube also known as _____ alimentary canal
sphincters are _____ that control the progress of food through the tract muscles
digestion in organs is aided by ______ accessory glands
food is passed through a series of specialized digestive organs by ______ which is contractions of ______ muscle peristalsis,smooth
all digestive vessels lead to liver via ____ vein hepatic portal
chylomicrons are H2O-soluble_____ globules
Major function of the colon is to ..... reabsorb H2O
carnivores have ______ stomachs and _____ (longer/shorter) tracts expanable,shorter
herbivores have _____(longer/shorter) tracts and have a much better developed cecum to produce ______ l cellulose
ruminants rely heavily on mutualisms which have ____ chambered stomachs like deer, sheep, cattle four
excess chemical energy in animals is stored as _____ in muscle and liver cells glycogen
any excess glycogen is stored as ___ cells fat
all body tissues require glucose for ______ cellular respiration
when blood glucose rises after eating, the hormone _____ is released by pancreas which causes the liver to build ____ from glucose insulin,glycogen
when blood glucose drops, _____ is released by pancreas liver breaks down glycogen, releasing glucose glucagon
obesity is a result of _____ overnurishment
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