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Growth and Development

After independent walking for months: list Warning signs of delay (1.) tip-toe walking; (2.) no mature walking pattern
18 month old: list Warning signs of delay. (1.) Not walking; (2.) does not know 15 words; (3.) doesn't understand function of common household items
2 year old: list Warning signs of delay (1.) Doesn't use 2-word sentences; (2.) Doesn't imitate actions; (3.) Doesn't follow basic instructions; (4.) Can't push toy with wheels
3 year old; list Warning signs of delay (1.) Can't build tower MORE than 4 blocks; (2.) Can't copy a circle; (3.) Not playing make-believe (4.) Can't use short phrases; (5.) Doesn't UNDERSTAND instructions (6.) unclear speech & lots of drooling
Erikson: what conflict is the toddler going through? Autonomy vs shame and doubt
Can a toddler wait for rewards? yes
Can a toddler take turns? not until age 3
What is receptive language? the toddlers ability to understand what is being said to them
What is expressive language? the toddlers ability to communicate
Receptive vs expressive language: which develops first? Receptive language
Stuttering; normal or abnormal? What do you teach the parent? Normal; usually resolves in 1-2 years
Bilingual kids: how many words should they know by 20 months of age? 20 words (between both languages)
When should you switch car seats from infant to toddler size? When the kid is 12 months of age and weighs 20 lbs
How long do you need to keep the car seat in rear-facing position? 2 years of age
Pot handles should be turned ___. INward
How do you deal with tantrums or regression? Ignore it as long as the kid is safe. Attention or bribes will only reward bad behavior and encourage it.
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