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SOPN Pedi lecture 4

Non progressive condition characterized by impaired movement and posture. It affects the motor centers of the brain resulting in abnormal muscle tone and coordination. May be related to birth hypoxia or birth trauma. Cerebral Palsy
Tx: provide activities that require ROM and use of muscular movements Cerebral Palsy
Tx: assist the child in making the most of their assets Cerebral Palsy
What is a biochemical problem involving neurotransmitters autism
what condition is referenced as a pervasive development disorder. Characterized by impairment in social interaction and in verbal and nonverbal communications autism
auto is greek for (refering to autism) self
S & Sx: fascination with strange repetitive behaviors especially spinning round objects such as wheels, tops for long periods of time autism
subaverage general intellectual functioning with a deficit adaptation in behavior mental retardation
inflammation of the brain caused by arbo virus, entero virus, and herpes viruses. Known as the "SLEEPING SICKNESS" encephalitis
Ranges from mild to profound and is ofter confused with autism or mental retardation WHAT AM I? hearing disorders
hearing loss caused by damage to the nerve endings in the cochlea or to the nerve pathways leading to the brain sensor neural (perceptive) hearing loss
what is believed to be the largest cause of sensor neural deafness in children maternal ruebella - happens in the 1st trimester of pregnancy
how young can you use a hearing aid 1 month
hearing aid is only useful with what type of hearing loss? conductive hearing loss
a hearing aid does what to sound? amplifies but does not clarify
By what age are the fontanels completely closed? 2 years
Most common fracture in children greenstick
What is used for treatment of a fractured femur in children under 12 Bryants traction
most important thing to remember with Bryants traction **Buttocks raised off the mattress** hips flexed at right angles to the body
what is X linked inherited disorder usually present in boys, females are simply carriers Duchene Muscular Disorder
What is a non-specific term applied to a number of conditions: chief symtom is a "BRASSY, croupy, BARKING, cough with varying degrees of inspiratory stridor CROUP
what is a fancy pants what to say upper respiratory infection lyrango tracheal bronchitis
S & Sx: harsh barking cough, usually worse at night, low grade temp, kid is frightened and struggles for breath. Increased restlessness, nostril flaring, & Substernal retractions Lyrango tracheal bronchitis
Tx: cool mist humidification, low dose O2, corticosteroids, inhaled recemic epinephrine Lyrango tracheal bronchitis
Medical Emergency! Blockage of the airway due to a swollen epiglottis resulting in a narrowing of the airway caused by haemophilus influenza type B acute epiglottitis
Dx: laternal neck films would diagnose what condition.....DO NOT EXAMINE PHARYNX AS YOU MAY CAUSE A LARYNGOSPASM acute epiglottitis
Tx: upright position to aid breathing, antibiotics for 7-10 days INTUBATION / TRACH is the treatment of choice as this is the prophylatic placement of artificial airway obstruction acute epiglittitis
What is caused by Group A Beta - Hemolytic Streptoccus (GABHS) Strep throat
Tx: penicillian G is the drug of choice, take full course, and takes 10 days to eliminate this condition Strep throat
What is an acute encephalopathy resulting in marked cerebral edema and enlargement of the liver Reyes Syndrome
Post Op care: watch for signs and symptoms of bleeding (up to 10 days post op), place child immediatly on their side, ice collar for comfort, clear liquids (nothing red!) pallor, restlessness, increased pulse, decreased BP, vomiting bright red blood Tonsil & adenoidectomy
most common chronic illness in childhood can be caused by allergies to certain substances asthma
S & Sx: abrupt onset, tight non productive cough, expiratory wheezes. asthma
Nursing care: monitor breath sounds, O2 Sat, LOC, work of breathing. Position HOB UPRIGHT administer bronchodilators, O2, IV steroids, and antibiotics as ordered. Hydration, emotional support. Asthma
How are pin worms caught, infested, ingested, well hell.......How do they get in fecal/oral routeimproper hand washing eww eww eww
Name that procedure: Transparent sticky scotch tape used to obtain a specimen from the childs peri-anal area TAPE TEST
What condition refers to the number of different types of kidney conditions that are distinguished by the presence of marked amounts of protein in the urine Nephrosis
S & Sx: edema is usually the presenting symptom appearing first around the eyes and ankles, followed by generalized edema with abdominal ascites. LABS SHOW INCREASES *ALBUMINURIA*!!!!! Nephrosis
When a child is on predisone you would watch for signs of what condition? Infection
Tx: provide well balanced increased protein diet with NO ADDED SALT!!! Elevate HOB to reduce eye edema, strict I&O, weigh diapers, specific gravity, and vital signs Nephrosis
Tx: based on the tumor stage and type. Surgery along with chemotherapy and radiation is common Nephroblastoma
What is a delayed coagulation of the blood due to a hereditary condition involving clot formation? Sex linked congenital disorder that primarily affects males and is passed on as a recessive gene????? Hemophelia
Tx: open wounds are treated with a cold compress and one should seek IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!! Hemophelia
S & Sx: fatigue, pallor, and petechiae (easily bruised) Hemophelia
Malignant disease of the blood forming organs of the body that result in the uncontrolled growth of immature white blood cells Leukemia
Dx: Bone marrow aspiration is done from the sternum or iliac crest - prevent infection (gowns, mask, gloves, and hand washing) and GOOD ORAL CARE Leukemia
decrease in or loss of vision usually in one eye due to the brain "TURNING OFF" confusing visual images amblyopia
Most common drug poisoning in children specifically in toddler and school age children and it metabolized in the liver and can cause hepatic damage therefor is a huge concern ACETAMINOPHEN
What can be given to absorb poison? It is given with 6-8oz of H2O in a dose of 5-10g per gram of ingested poison charchoal
Mild acetaminophen poisoning would cause what symptom ringing in the ears
What is an early sign of more serious trouble with regards to acetaminophen poisoning Hypercapnia (increased CO2 in the blood, RR faster and deeper as the respiratory center is stimulated by the drug)
What would cause central nervous system damage and renal toxicity are the more serious complications of what condition Lead Poisoning
What would be a long term effect related to lead poisoning Neurological damage due to cortical atrophy
Who is considered a "MANDATED REPORTER," with regards to child abuse nurses and teachers(document detailed nursing notes as they may be supeonaed to court)
Usually one or both parents have existing emotional problems, sometimes its a vicious cycle having occured to the parents when they were children. Child abuse
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