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Human Body systems 2

What is the most important organ in the respiratory system? The Lungs
How does the circulatory system help with respiration? It carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body.
What is the larynx also known as? The voicebox
What is the Bronchus? It is a tube that connects the trachea to a lung.
What is the pharynx? It is the passageway between the mouth and the esophagus for air and food.
What is the function of the diaphragm? It is a strong muscle below your lungs that help you breathe. It separates the lung cavity from the abdominal cavity.
What is the main function of the respiratory system? To get oxygen into the body and gets rid of carbon dioxide.
Urinary bladder A muscular bag that stretches as it fills up.When it is almost full you feel the need to urinate.
Describe the path of air from the nose to the aveoli nose/mouth to the pharynx to the larynx, to the trachea, to the bronchi, to the bronchial tubes, to the bronchioles, to the aveoli
What is the largest organ? The skin
What is perspiration? The liquid waste made of heat, water, and salt released through the skin
What is the dermis? The thick layer of cells below the epidermis
What is the function of the fatty layer of skin? It protects organs and keeps in heat.
How many skin layers are there? Three
List the layers of skin in order Epidermis, dermis, and fatty layer
Urethra The tube that carries urine out of the body
Excretory system A series of organs that get rid of cell wastes inthe form of urine
What do the kidneys do? They filter nitrogen wastes out of the blood and remove extra water and salt from the blood.
What are the main organs of the excretory system? The kidneys
How many kidneys do most people have? Two
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