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people and environment

Mining has what effect on the environment an habitats when it pollutes soil and water. Negative
The greatest or smallest increase in human population has occurred in the last few centuries. Greatest
Earth has a what amount of resources? Limited
The human population is about 6.7 what? Billion
Carrying capacity is the what number of individuals of a given species that Earth's resources can support? Largest
Describe the growth of the human population for most of human history. Stayed same
What might happen to resources if the population continues to rise? The amount will decrease
Describe how human population has changed over the past 2,000 year. Increased greatly
What factors might have led to an increase in species? More resources, etc
What happens when a species reaches its carrying capacity? The species will decrease
What is population? All members of a species
All members of a species living in a given area is what? Population
About how many people live on Earth today? 6.7 billion
6.7 billion is about the given number for what? How many people live on Earth today
What might happen to the amount of resources on Earth if humans reach their carrying capacity? Decrease
The total amount of animals or species that can be held in a specific area? Carrying capacity
All of the animals living in a specific area or habitat is the what? Population
A source or supply is called what? Resource
If a species reaches its carrying capacity this might decrease greatly. Resource
When did the human population reach 1 million? 2000
If the population continues to rise this might happen to the resources. Decrease
The largest number of individuals of a given species that Earth's resources can support or maintain is called what? Carrying capacity
What likely happens to resource availability when a species reaches its carrying capacity? Decreases
Do you think the human species will reach its carrying capacity? Yes
Do you think one day human resources will be gone? Yes
Created by: trackjor2176