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Chapter 9 Lesson 1

People and the Environment

Mining can have a (positive/negative) impact on habitats when it pollutes soil and water. negative
The (greatest/smallest) increase in human population happened in the last few centuries, greatest
Earth has a(n) (limited/unlimited) amount of resources. limited
The human population is about 6.7 (million/billion). billion
Carry capacity is the (largest/smallest) number of individuals of a given species that Earth's resources can support. largest
Effects of improved health care------> increased population, longer lifespans, more reproduction
What is a population? All the members of a species living in a given area
What is a population explosion? The sudden rise in human population that has happened in recent history
What reasons might have led to the population explosion? Improved healthcare, clean water, technological advancements
How many people live on Earth today? 6.7 - 7.4 billion
How does the carrying capacity relate to resource use? The carrying capacity depends on the amount of available resources
What might happen to the amount of resources on Earth if humans exceed their carrying capacity? The amount of resources will begin to decrease, so will the population.
The population of a town is the number of _____ who live there. people
When scientists use the term ________, they mean all the members of a species living in a given area. population
Some things that have caused this rapid population growth include improved ________ and clean ______. healthcare and water
These and other technological advancements have allowed more people to live ________ and to _________. longer and reproduce
People need certain things, such as ________ , clean ______, and shelter, to survive. food and water
How people use resources affects the __________. environment
Most towels are made of _______, which comes from a plant. cotton
Growing plants often involves the use of ___________ and other chemicals that pollute the environment. fertilizers
Fossil fuels are ___________ resources because they are used up faster than they can be replaced by natural processes. nonrenewable
Burning __________ releases pollution into the atmosphere. fossil fuels
The greatest ________ in human population occurred in the last few centuries. increase
What will happen if a species exceeds its carrying capacity? The amount of resource will decrease, which will cause the population to decrease.
What is carrying capacity? The largest number of individuals of a given species that Earth's resources can support and maintain for a long period of time.
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