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WOCN program

what is the most accurate method to estimate burn extent? Lund-Browder chart- for all ages
Identify the classification of burn injuries superficial, partial thickness (superficial or deep) full thickness, 4th degree
what are the three phases of burn care? emergent, acute/wound care, rehabilitative
What is the gold standard for excised burns when no donor sites are available allograft harvested from human donors
are split thickness skin grafts the most commonly used autografts? yes
what complications can occur after healing of burns scarring, itching, contractures
what type of therapy should be used to minimize the appearance of scars pressure garments, hydrogel or silicone sheeting, corticosteroid injection, surgical excision, laser
what is the most frequently used prophylactic topical antimicrobial for burn care silver sulfadiazine
wound interventions during the emergent phase involves what? assessment and diagnosis, cleansing, debridement, prevention of obstruction of blood flow from edema and eschar
wound interventions in acute phase heal partial thickness wounds, graft full thickness wounds, prevent complications, cleansing and debridement
Created by: Beth Perry