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Study Guide Unit 3

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What was the compromise that settled the two sides of the slave trade and what did it do? The Transatlantic Slave Trade and it was a thing that continued until 1808 and then it was then illegal to import enslaved persons
What was the Electoral College? a group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president
Who supported the Constitution and what was their views or opinions upon their argument? wrote the essays to educate the people about why they should support the Constitution and to show the weaknesses of the Anti-federalists arguments. The essays explained how the government would work as well as the checks and balances.
who was in the federalist group? James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay
Who opposed the Constitution and what was their views or opinions upon their argument? argued that a central government could not pass laws that were suitable for all the states argued against having a strong central government felt that the central government would take too much power away from the states also didn't contain basic rights
Who was in the anti-federalist group? Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and Sam Adams
What was the compromise that led to the Constitution being ratified? That the delegates decied they would add a Bill of Rights which are the first 10 amendments in order to get the right amount of votes
What was the first goal of the preamble? establish justice (President backs up Bill for Disabled)
What was the second goal of the preamble? To secure posterity (Court Upholds Free Speech)
What was the third goal of the preamble? Form a more perfect union (Governors to Discuss Mutual Problems)
What was the fourth goal of the preamble? Provide for the common defense (More Troops Sent to Iraq)
What was the fifth goal of the preamble? Promote the general warfare (Government Jobs Program Starts)
What was the sixth and final goal of the preamble? insure domestic tranquility (Governor Sends in National Guard to Stop Looting)
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