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The Crusades

How was Salah al-Din responsible for the Third Crusade? He reconquered Jerusalem and most of Palestine.
What did Muslims lose as a result of the Reconquista? their land in Spain
What statement best describes the effects of the Crusades on Jews? Many lost their rights in society and were even expelled from their homeland
What was the overall purpose of the Christians in the Crusades? to capture Jerusalem for the Jews
Who set up kingdoms in Palestine and Syria after the First Crusade? Christians Crusaders
What statement best describes the effects of the Crusades on the Christians? New foods and clothing made their way into their own markets.
Unlike the first three Crusades, some later Crusades were primarily movements of poor people and children
Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain used the Inquisition against Muslims and Jews who said they had converted to Christianity. What did it accuse the people of these two religions of doing? practicing their old religion
What statement best describes the effects of the Crusades on Muslims? They developed new forms of military technology and tactics.
Crusaders from which two European kingdoms tried and failed to take back the Holy Land during the Second Crusade? France and Germany
Why did younger sons of nobles often join the Crusades? As sons who would not inherit much of their family's wealth, they went to the Holy Land to earn money and gain land.
Created by: SammyN