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geography Final

Geography Final

Boundaries that are based on elements like religion and language are called? Cultural Boundaries
What is Geography? The study of the earth’s surface
The layer of the earth that makes up most of the earths mass is the? Mantle
Living off animals such as cattle goats or other animals and relying on them for all needs in life is called? Pastoralism
What is Cartography? The study of map making
___ is an elevated flatland that rises sharply above nearby land on at least one side. Plateau
What is Human Geography? How living things interact with their environment
How many miles does it take for the Earth to orbit around the sun? 93 million miles
What two hemispheres do you live in? The North and the Western Hemispheres
Economic activities that use natural resources directly are called. Primary Activates
Countries with poorer infrastructure and lower standard of living are called? Developing Countries
The measurement of heat is called? Temperature
What is the amount of water vapor in the air called? Humidity
What is rotation? the “spinning” of the earth on it’s axis
A human population that shares a common culture or ancestry is called? An Ethnic Group
What fraction of the earth's size is the moon? 1/4
What is the Earth's path around the sun called? elliptical
What is the Equinox? Earths poles are not pointed at the sun but are exactly 90 degrees in relation to the sun
What former planet was recently reclassified as a dwarf planet? Pluto
Factors that cause a person to go to a location or emigrate to a location are called? Pull Factors
The total value of goods and services that a country produces in one year is called? Gross National Product (GNP)
Transitional Climate Zones between the arid and more humid climate Zones are called? Semi-Arid Zones
What is Grid? lines that circle the earth in east-west and north-south direction
Which of the following cause unstable air masses leading to storms? Low Pressure systems
What does the geographical element: Human Systems, mean? The way people change the earth
A system where businesses are privately owned is called? Capitalism
When connections around the world increase and cultures become more alike it is called? Globalization
Boundaries that follow a feature of the landscape are called? Natural Boundaries
What is the movement of water through the hydrosphere called? Hydrologic cycle
The average number of people living in an area is called? Population Density
Civilizations that lived on resources that were immodestly around them are called? Hunter/Gather Societies
With the orogaraphic effect, which side of the mountain range receives a large amount of moisture, or rain and snow fall? Windward Side
Limits on the amount of product that can be imported are called? Quotas
___ is the movement of nutrients downward in soil. Leaching
The direction that winds usually blow from in a given place are known as? Prevailing winds
A form of government in which majority rules is called? A Democracy
The process by which manufacturing by machines power becomes widespread in an area is called? Industrialization
___areas of compressed rock that occurs when plates collide with each other. Folds
An economy in which the government makes the major economic decisions is called? A Command Economy
All of the following are ABSOULTELLY NEEDED for a city to grow EXCEPT? A strong military
A world language that is used for business and communication is called? Lingua Franca
Boundaries that that are based on regular geometric patterns are called? Geometric Boundaries
Religions that seek to spread their beliefs are called? Universalizing Religions
When an idea of innovation spreads from one person or group to another and is adopted it is called? Cultural Diffusion
Providing services to people and businesses are called? Tertiary Activities
The percentage of people who can read and write is called? Literacy Rate
The amount of groundwater at a given time is called? The Water Table
Clearing a field for a period of 3-5 years, as the field grows back the farmer moves on to another area is called? Shifting Cultivation
What is a Perceptual Region? A region that reflects human attitudes and feelings
The statistical study of population is called? Demography
Created by: Coach Hilton