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Chapter 13 quiz 1

pleurisy inflammation of the pleurae, making breathing painful
alveoli small cavity or air sacs
Visceral Pleura surface of each lung is covered with cereal serosa
Parietal Pleura outer membrane which is attached to the inner surface of the thoracic cavity
glottis the opening between the vocal cords in the larynx
heimlich maneuver a procedure in which the air in a persons own lungs is used to "pop out" or expel, an obstructing piece of food
trachea "windpipe" from the larynx travels down its length to the level of the fifth thoracic vertebra
vocal folds or true vocal cords part of the mucous membrane of the larynx forms a pair of folds
laryngitis inflammation of the larynx
tonsillitis in the mouth breathing, air is not properly moistened, warmed, or filtered before reaching the lungs
pharynx the muscular tube extending from the posterior of the nasal cavities to the esophagus
sinusitis difficult to treat and can cause marked changes in voice quality
Rhinitis inflammation of the nasal mucosa
Thyroid cartilage the largest of the hyaline cartilages
Larynx "voice box", routes air and food into the proper channels and plays a role in speech
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