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Geology Test Review

______ ________ came up with the idea of continental drift. Alfred Wegener
What two continents were used as evidence for Continental Drift because they appear to fit together like puzzle pieces? South America & Africa
Alfred Wegener found identical ______ and _______ fossils on separate continents to support his theory on continental drift. plant and animal
_____ ____ discovered mid-ocean ridges and deep ocean trenches which led to his theory of seafloor spreading. Harry Hess
When oceanic plates collide, a ____ _____ _____ is formed at the subduction zone. deep ocean trench
When two continental plates collide, ______ ________ are formed. folded mountains
When two plates diverge or move apart on land, a ____ ______ is formed. rift valley
The flattest area on a topographic map is where the contour lines are ________ apart. farther
Topographic maps are used to show the ________ of an area. elevation
When two plates diverge in the ocean, a ___ _____ _____ is formed. mid ocean ridge
The most recently formed crust can be found closest to the ___ _____ _____ at the divergent oceanic boundary. mid ocean ridge
A steep slope on a topographic map is represented by contour lines that are _____ ________. close together
Mid ocean ridges form at divergent oceanic boundaries because of the pressure from the ______ pushing up the plates. magma
Magnetic striping near the mid ocean ridge is one piece of evidence discovered by Harry Hess that shows the seafloor is spreading ________. outward
Most volcanoes and earthquakes are found on the 'ring of fire' because most of the Earth's _________ _____ are found there. subduction zones
The layer of Earth responsible for the movement of the lithospheric plates is the ___________. asthenosphere
When you have oceanic plates converging you will always have a __________ zone, where volcanoes, earthquakes, trenches, and tsunamis are found. subduction zone
The reason oceanic crust is subducted and continental crust is not, is oceanic crust is more _____. dense
Divergent oceanic boundaries are responsible for the formation of new crust which is called ________ spreading. seafloor spreading
The movement between the Pacific plate and the North American plate is an example of a _________ boundary which gives rise to lots of earthquakes. transform
The breaking down of rocks into smaller and smaller pieces is called __________. weathering
The movement of sediment from one location to another is called _______. erosion
The process by which sediments are deposited, or laid back down, building up the Earth's surface there is called __________. deposition
__________ currents in the asthenosphere cause the movement of the lithospheric plates. Convection currents
_______ cut by rivers and glaciers are crustal features associated with weathering and erosion. Canyons or Valleys
By studying _______ waves from earthquakes we have identified what's inside the Earth. seismic
The limitation of using satellite maps to go hiking through the mountains is that they don't show _________. elevation
Created by: fordi85
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