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CNA 2016 C31*

Pressure Ulcers

Other terms for pressure ulcer decubitus ulcer
Any injury caused by unrelieved pressure is pressure ulcer
Why are older persons at risk for skin breakdown? chronic illness
Incontinence can cause skin breakdown. True
Pressure ulcers usually occur over bony areas
Common causes of pressure ulcers shearing
The person who has shortness of breath has the least risk for a pressure ulcer. True
What scrapes the skin? friction
Early signs of pressure ulcers include tingling in the area
A female resident is obese. She is at risk for pressure ulcers in what areas? under the breasts
Persons at risk for pressure ulcers are re-positioned at least every 1-2 hours
The preferred position for preventing and treating pressure ulcers is the ________ position. 30 degree lateral
To prevent pressure ulcers, you must keep the person’s skin clean and dry
To prevent pressure ulcers, you must change linens when soiled or wet
Pressure ulcers can occur where skin has contact with skin. What can you use to prevent such contact? pillows
A resident has dry skin. Apply moisturizer as directed by the nurse
To prevent pressure ulcers, persons sitting in chairs need to shift their positions every _____ minutes. 15
What prevents pressure on the tops of the legs and feet? bed cradle
A resident has an eggcrate-like pad on the bed. For bottom linens, you need a bottom sheet
According to CMS, which is the most common site for a pressure ulcer? sacrum
Created by: heatherhibbs