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Finger Print Terms

FINGERPRINT CLASSIFICATION sorting of fingerprints into file groups so a file may be set
RIDGE CHARACTERISTICS (GALTON'S DETAILS) characteristics such as breaking and dividing in finger prints
INVISIBLE FINGERPRINTS fingerprints that are only visible under certain lighting or processing
INKED FINGERPRINT Using black printer's ink and a fingerprint roller to intentionally record friction ridge skin
LATENT FINGERPRINT impression, left on an item, through the transfer of perspiration and oils
PATENT (PLASTIC) FINGERPRINT reproduction of the ridges of the finger in a medium such as wet paint, blood, putty, and some soft metals
ARCHES ridges that rise in the center to create a wavelike pattern in a fingerprint
LOOPS one or more ridges in a fingerprint that double back on themselves
WHORLS whirlpool looking ridgelines in a fingerprint
VOICE PRINTS graphic record made by sound spectrograph of energy patterns in speech
SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION 1. ridge arrangement on every finger of every person is different 2. ridge arrangement is permanent throughout a persons life
A.F.I.S. can digitize fingerprint identification
DISSIMILARITY a difference in which the opinion of the examiner can be explained
DISCREPANCY difference between two patterns, that can not be explained
DACTYLOGRAPHY study of the science of fingerprints
CORE approximate center of the finger pattern impression
INDIVIDUALIZATION fingerprint which links to one specific person and noone else
CLASS ONE/LEVEL ONE DETAIL general ridge flow of a fingerprint
CLASS TWO/LEVEL TWO DETAIL aspects of a particular ridge path
CLASS THREE/LEVEL THREE DETAIL finer detail taken while observing individual ridges
ACE-V recommended process or methodology for comparison of a latent print to a known print.
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