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TMDG Vocab 1


Anguish (noun) The feeling of emotional pain
Bizarre (adjective) Weird and out of the ordinary
Dank (adjective) Damp/moist or humid
Disarming (adjective) The act of using charm to remove suspicion in a situation
Discerned (verb) Something that is understood
Dread (verb) To fear or alarm
Extremity (noun) To an extreme limit/end
Indolently (adverb) Lazily
Lacerated (verb) To cut up
Menacing (adjective) Something threatening (Like a menacing smile)
Mirage (noun) An illusion (Like Kenny with the Whoolpooh)
Opaqueness (adjective) Not clear or transparent (Darkness)
Quarry (noun) Hunted prey
Reports (noun) Gun shots
Staccato (adj./adverb) Short with clear sounds; very abrupt (Like a music note staccato)
I was in ______ when I couldn't go swimming after getting a painful injury. Anguish
When Jimmy saw the strange puppy monkey baby commercial on Super Bowl night he thought it was pretty _____. Bizzare
The weather was _____ on the very damp and moist day. Dank
The girl sped in her car past the speed limit and when the police officer came over to her she used her ______ charm to get out of getting a ticket. Disarming
I ____ why we were not allowed to go to the beach, and I understood that we had to pay the consequences. Discerned
Sarah had a _____ of going into haunted houses and always stayed away from them. Dread
Nicole went to the gym to exercise once and worked out too hard which made her so tired, now she knows to work out at a certain _______. Extremity
John woke up and turned on the TV lazily and _____ sat in bed all day. Indolently
Once a girl _____ her shirt and jean on the edges to make a cool pattern, after a while everyone at school wore her cool torn shirt style. Lacerated
The mean neighbor wore a _____ smile and he looked at me in a threatening way. Menacing
Kenny thought the Wool pooh was real but it was all just a ______. Mirage
The glass had _______, and it was unclear and hard to see through. Opaqueness
Three men went hunting for ______ in the woods. Quarry
There were many _____ heard in the alley and after 10 minutes the alley was investigated by police officers. Reports
Lindy tried to ________ her notes on the flute for the music piece. Staccato
Created by: 21Campbell
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