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Unit 4 AP Biology


The original source of all genetic variation is Mutation In evolutionary terms, an organisms fitness is measured by its Contribution to the gene pool of the next generation Generation to generation change in the allele frequencies in a population is called Microevolution Genetic drift is a process based on The role of chance
A mutation occurs when There is a change in the DNA sequence of a gene Homologous pairs of chromosomes are lined up independently of other such pairs during Metaphase I True or false, Populations are the units of evolution True Members of the same population Share a common gene pool
What is the term that means a group of individuals of the same species occupying a given area Population Sexual recombination occurs when chromosomes are shuffled in _____ and fertilization Meiosis Stabilizing selection favors what Intermediate variants in a population Natural selection primarily acts on Phenotype
The ultimate source of all genetic variation is Mutation To be successful in evolutionary terms, an organism must do what Pass its genes on to the next generation What is the first step in allopatric speciation Geographic isolation Two animals are considered members of different species if they Cannot interbreed
Sympatric speciation is The appearance of a new species in the same area as the parent population What is rapid speciation under conditions in which there is little competition Adaptive radiation What accounts for human infants having large heads on small bodies Allometric growth What is a species A population that interbreeds and produces fertile offspring
What condition is necessary for speciation to occur Reproductive isolation Each species has a closed gene pool because Each species is reproductively isolated The biological species concept cannot be applied to organisms that Reproduce only asexually What reproductive barriers actually prevent individuals of different species from mating with each other Behavioral isolation
In which group has sympatric speciation been most important Plants How can a new species arise in a single generation If a change in chromosome number creates a reproductive barrier The oldest fossils usually Are found in the deepest strata What is Pangaea A land mass that broke up to form the present-day continents
The phenomenon that different species that occupy similar niches in isolated areas develop morphological similarities is called Convergent evolution Classifications of organisms that are based exclusively on the evidence of evolutionary relationships are called Cladistic classifications Reptiles first appeared during what era Paleozoic Seed plants first appeared during what era Paleozoic
The _____ era is the era during which we live Cenozoic The first prokaryotic cells appeared during what era Precambrian What is the branch of biology called taxonomy primarily concerned with The classification of life forms by their similarities Fossils are most likely to be found in Sedimentary rock
If you want to see a dinosaur, it would be best to set the controls of your time machine for the Mesozoic era The correct order of the geologic eras, from most ancient to most recent are Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic A taxon is is a formal grouping at any given level Put the following in order, beginning with the most general: class, family, genus, kingdom, order, phylum, species kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
Which mechanism for evolution did Lamarck propose Evolution by inheritance of acquired characteristics A trait that confers a reproductive advantage on the individual possessing it is called Adaptation What do we call the study of fossils Paleontology What is the smallest unit that can evolve Population
What is the science of classifying organisms Taxonomy The breeding of plants and animals by humans is called Artificial selection What does natural selection primarily favor Phenotypes Traits that enhance an individual's ability to compete for limited resources are called _____. Adaptations
In natural selection, __________ determines which phenotypes are successful The environment The relationship of genome to organism is the same as ______ to population Gene pool What is the term for a change in the relative frequencies of alleles in a population over several generations Microevolution The evolutionary effects of genetic drift are greatest when The population size is small
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