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Plant Test Review

Plant Cells makes more of themselves through? Mitosis
In order to make a gamete, a cell has to go through Meiosis
What plant system is related to Meiosis? Reproductive system
Waxy covering on the outside of the leaf used to prevent water loss? Cuticle
What is the structure used to regulate gas exchange and transpiration? guardcelt
What is the Transpiration process The LOSS of water through its leave. It is replaced by water drawn into the leaf through the vascular system (xylem)
What transport Food throughout the plant. Phloem
Together, Phloem and Xylem make up a plant's Vascular system
What transport water from the roots to the leaves Xylem
What is the function of the guard cells? Opening and closing of the stoma
Desert or dry habitat plant adaptation Thick stems to store water
Nutrient Deficient Habitat (Poor soil) Carnivorous and Parasites live on host
Describe at least three adaptation cacti use to conserve water Help reduce water loss - Thick Stems - extensive roots/ shallow system - reduced leaves (thin, sharp spines)
Deep roots would be an advantage (adaptation) for a plant because Roots can extend great distances to reach water below Earth's surface
Roots does what? Transport, protection and absorption, maintain structure, dissolve nutrients
Plants toxins, thorns, and other irritants are all example of plant genetic mutations
Which characteristic f the plant evolved first? Green algae ancestors
All of the following plants contain vascular tissue except Bryophytes/ Mosses
Angiosperms possess which special shared characteristic? Fruit and Flowers
What are two examples of angiosperms? sunflower and rose bush
An example of bryophyte would be a Moss
The plant structure where photosynthesis takes place chloroplast
Chloroplast are highly concentrated in which plant structure? Leaves
What is the equation of photosynthesis? GCo2 + GH2O + Sunlight + C6H2o6 +6O2
Identify and describe which plant structure are involved with the "Reactants" from the Photosynthesis equation. Stomata: CO2 Leaves:Sunlight
Dandelion dispersed by the following method? Wind and Water
Blackberry dispersed by the following method? animals
Maple dispersed by the following method? Water and Wind
Peach dispersed by the following method? animals
Acorn dispersed by the following method? animals
Pistil/Carpel plant structure functions Female reproductive structure
Stigma plant structure functions Sticky- Where pollen attaches
Style plant structure functions attaches stigma to ovary (long tube)
Ovary plant structures functions stores the eggs (Ovules)
Stamen plant structures functions Male reproductive structure
Anther plant structures functions Produces Pollen
Filament plant structures functions supports the anther
Receptacle plant structures functions Where flower forms
Petal plant structures functions attracts insects and small animals
What part of the flower attracts pollinators like bees? Petal
What parts of the plant are involved in sexual reproduction? Anther, male filament, 7 stamen, Female: Stigma, style, ovary
What part of the flower produce pollen? Anther
Leaves main function Light absorption/photosynthesis; gas exchange: H2O Transpiration
Stems main function Produce leaves, branches, flowers; structure (hold leaves up)W
Which plant structures are involved with the "Products" from the Photosynthesis equation Oxygen is being given off glucose/ Sugar transported through leaf > all parts of the plants
Gravitropism Response to gravity: Tree Stem growing upright
Thigmotropism Response to touch: grape vine> Corl and twist around object
Phototropism Response to sunlight: Plant facing Sunlight
How do plant use their stomata to maintain equilibrium or homeostasis? Guard cells close opening in the leaves of plants dynamic equilibrium
How do fruits help angiosperms survive ? Producing sperm and egg > Reproduction
Created by: spotsville2