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Hydrology The study of the occurrence and distribution of water on and under Earth's surface
Infiltrate To penetrate water from precipitation into the ground
Percolate The flow of water through the pore spaces of soil, due to gravity
Base flow Dry-weather flow in a stream, fed by groundwater seeping out of the ground and into the stream channel
Rainfall intensity The rate of rainfall expressed in terms of inches per hour or millimeters per hour
Cubic feet A metric unit for volume
#Acre-feet A unit commonly used for large volumes of water
Recurrence interval The time-span between two identical storms
N-year storm An expression that represents the recurrence pended
Storm intensity Measured by the amount of rainfall
Storm duration How long a storm lasts
Sub basin The smaller area of a watershed
Tributaries Small streams that feed into larger streams or rivers
Planimeter A device used to measure the area enclosed within an irregular boundary, such as a ridge-line, on a scaled map
Confluence The point at which two streams converge or intersect
Drainage divide line boundary of a watershed
Overland flow water flowing over the land because the rate of precipitation exceeds the combined rates of infiltration and evaporation
Catchment basin The total land area that contributes runoff to a stream or river
Waste assimilative capacity The amount of waste that can be absorbed in an amount of water
Reach A section of a stream that has a relatively constant slope, cross section and discharge
Discharge The amount or volume of water that flows in a stream
Head The height of water flowing over the river
Gauging station A permanent structure, constructed along a river to provide constant records of flow versus time
Weir A low dam, which acts as an obstruction to the stream, over which the water must flow
MA7CD10 Flow Minimum Average, 7-Consecutive-Day, 10-year Flow
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