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covers antepartum chapters 10,11,12

Is it ok for a woman who is 34 weeks pregnant to have intercourse with her partner if her pregnancy has been uneventful? Yes
What is Chadwick's sign ? It is a bluish coloration of the cervix and vaginal mucosa
What is the primary goal of perinatal education (childbirth glasses)? To provide knowledge and skills to actively participate in birth and parenting for the patient and her partner
What assessment can the nurse anticipate doing at follow-up prenatal vists? Fundal height measurements
A 36 week pregnant patient states she is having difficulty breathing and her pulse is fast . She has difficulty breathing and her ulse feels fast, what is an appropriate nursing diagnosis? Impaired gas exchanged related to pulmonary congeestion
This is the clear protein layer that acts as barrier to other sperm once one sperm enters tthe ovum for ffertilization what is ? Zona pellucida
This is the union of the sperm and ovum and there is 46 chromosomes. What is a? Zygote
When is the sex of the offspring determined? At Fertilization
_______stimulates the decidua and supplies nutrition to the embryo for up to 8 weeks Progesterone
There are three staqges of fetal development. They are the following: Preembryonic, embryonic,AND FETAL STAGE
During which stage is there more susceptibility to damage from outside sources.? Embryonic
An unusually elevated level of MSAFPP(Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein is suspicious of? Open spinal (neural) Defects,
__________a method for calculating the estimated date of delivery based on a mean length of gestation. Three months are subtracted from the first day of the last normal menstrual period, and 1 year plus 7 days are added to that date. Nagele's rule
When preparing for an amniocentesis, the RN should instruct the client to do what? Empty bladder
Explain GTPAL g gravida no of times you have given birth t term preg that is after 38wks p prematurity is preg below 37 wks a arbotion and miscarriages l living children
What is a reactive nonstress test? Duringthe monitoring,the RN notes that when the expectant mother reports movement ,the fetal heart rate increase 15 beats or more above baseline
How can you tell if a pregnant woman in the last trimester may be having weight gain or fluid retention problems? Ask her how swollen are her ankles before going to bed
The expectant mom who is at 36 weeks states her feet are quite swollen by the end of the day what can the nurse suggest? Elevate your legs while sitting
What vaccine should the nurse ensure that a pregnant mom is up to date on? Hepatitis
Which placental hormone is the bases of pregnancy testing? hhcg
______ _________surrounds the vein and arteries to prevent compression. Wharton's jelly
what should you teach the pregnant woman about traveling during pregnancy,especially riding an airplane? Get up and walk around the airplane every 2 hours
Does the pregnant woman have an ultrasound before chorionic villus sampling? Yes
A female patient is having breast tenderness,fatigue and amenorrhea. Her last period was 6 weeks ago . Patient is experiencing__________ signs of pregnancy Presumptive
What does progesterone do during pregnancy? Progesterone maintains the endometrium around the fetus.
A woman's fundal height is 28cm. The nurse interprets this to indicates what 28 weeks 'gestation
A patient is Gravid III. what does this indicate_________ the number of pregnancies
What is percutaneous umbilical blood sampling? the doctor draws a sample of the fetus' blood directly from the umbilical cord. The sample is then analyzed for genetic defects and other health conditions.
Name three things that can be evaluated with percutaneous umbilical blood sampling. Rh incompatibility, fetal acid base status, Coagulation studies
Name 3 common discomforts of pregnancy that occur in the first trimester. Urinary frequency, breaast tenderness ,and cravings
What is assessed in a biophysical profile baby's heart rate, breathing, movements, muscle tone and amniotic fluid level are evaluated and given a score.
What is aq reassuring score on a biophysical profile? a score of 8 to 10 is reassuring. If you receive a score of 6, your health care provider will likely repeat the test within 24 hours
What does a rubella titer measure? Immunity to German measles
Until 28 weeks , A woman should have a prenatal visit with her doctor how often? once amonth
What is involved in the lamaze childbirth method? use of specific breathing and relaxation techniques
Which childbirth method is partnered coach centered? The Bradley method
A second trimester pregnant client complains of passing gas and bloated. what suggestions will be helpful to the patient? Watch intake of beans and onions. try exercising more,and some say eating mints can help
What are some symptoms of vulvovaginal candidiasis? Whitish vaginal discharge and and vaginal itching
Where should the fundus be at 20 weeks gestation? At the level of the umbilicus
Are moos swings completely normal during pregnancy. True or False True
Name as hormone that is least likely to oppose insulin. Cortisol
Name presumptive signs of pregnancy Amenorrhea, nausea and vomiting urinary frequency, breast tenderness
If a pregnant mother is learning to give of oneself, will she question her ability to be come a good mother yes
Name a musculoskeletal physiological change that occurs during pregnancy. Lordosis
Pregnant women should avoid swordfish and tile fish because they contain mercury which can harm the fetus if eaten in large amounts
A pregnant patients has a body mass index of 26 prepregnancy. What would be preferred weight gain ? 15 to 25 pounds
What is an indication that a second trimester pregnant woman is incorporating the maternal role in her personality? The woman acknowledges the fetus as aseparate entity within her.
couvade syndrome is which is also known as sympathetic pregnancy, male pregnancy experience, or "pregnant dad syndrome," refers to a condition in which a father-to-be experiences some of the physical symptoms of pregnancy prior to the baby s birth.
what is autosomal recessive disorder? you inherit two mutated genes, one from each parent. These disorders are usually passed on by two carriers
list 3 disorders that are autosomal recessive. PKU. Tay Sachs,and Cystic Fibrosis
What is down's syndrome results when abnormal cell division involving chromosome 21 occurs. These cell division abnormalities result in extra genetic material from chromosome 21, which is responsible for the characteristic features and developmental problems of Down syndrome
List probable signs of pregnancy. Positive pregnancy test, Ballottement. and softening of the cervix
A pregnant woman compulsively craves ice. What is this called? Pica
There is a pigmented line down the middle of her abdomen. This is documented by the nurse as Linea Nigra
What are some of the GI symptoms that a pregnant woman may experiencing? Hyperemic gums, complains of bloating, heartburn and nausea
Palpable fetal movements would Confirm a pregnancy? Yes
List three things which should be included in a teaching plan for pregnant women.. Eat three meals with snacking,avoid use of duireticsm Participate in physical activity
At what stage of fetal development is the embryo more susceptible to damage from outside sources/ Embryonic
When the cervix has a bluish color in a pregnant woman. It is called____ Chadwick's sign
Lightening occurs about 2 weeks before the onset of labor. The mother will more likely experience Urinary frequency
What is essential for fetal development? Amniotic fluid
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