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Chapter 11

Maternal Adaptation During Pregnancy

What is Chadwicks Sign? Bluish-purple coloration of the vaginal mucosa and cervix. 6-8 Weeks
What is Goodells Sign? Softening of the cervix. 5 Weeks.
What is Hegars sign? Softening of the lower uterine segment or isthmus. 6-12 Weeks.
What is linea nigra? Darkened line down the abdomen of a pregnant lady.
Palmanera is the palms are red in the pregnant lady.
Fatigue happens around 12 weeks.
Breast tenderness happens around 3-4 weeks.
N&V happens around 4-14 weeks.
Amenorrhea happens around 4 weeks.
Urinary frequency happens around 6-12 weeks.
Hyperpigmentation of skin happens around 16 weeks.
Fetal movements (quickening) happens around 16-20 weeks.
Uterine enlargement happens around 7-12 weeks.
Breast enlargement happens around 6 weeks.
Braxton Hicks contractions happens around 16-28 weeks.
Positive pregnancy test happens around 4-12 weeks.
Abdominal enlargement happens around 14 weeks.
Ballottement happens around 16-28 weeks.
Goodells' sign happens around 5 weeks.
Chadwicks happens around 6-8 weeks.
Hegars sign happens around 6-12 weeks.
Ultrasound verification of embryo or fetus 4-6 weeks.
Fetal movement felt by experienced clinician 20 weeks.
Auscultation of fetal heart tones via doppler 10-12 weeks.
Uterus turns from a pear shape to a ovoid shape. (Positive Hegars Sign)
The uterus ascents into the abdomen after the 1st 3 months
The cervix will begin ripening about __ weeks before birth. 4 weeks.
The vaginas secretions are more acidic, white, and thick. This is known as leukorrhea
The ovaries will have an enlargement until the __ to __ week of gestation. 12th-14th.
What is colostrum? An antibody-rich, yellow fluid that can be expressed after the 12th week; a conversion to mature milk after delivery.
When pregnant, you breathe more diaphragmatic than __. Abdominal
What are some dietary recommendations? Increase in Protein, folate, iron and calories.
What should you avoid in pregnancy? Some fish, due to the mercury levels.
If you have a BMI of 25-35lbs, in the 1st trimester you should, and the second/3rd trimester gain 3.5-5 lbs. gain 1lb/week
If you have a BMI of < 19.8-- 28-40 lbs, in the 1st trimester you should, and the 2nd/3rd gain 5 lbs. gain 1+lb.
If you have a BMI > 25, 15-25lbs, in the 1st trimester you should, and the 2nd/3rd gain 2lbs gain 2/3 lb/week
What is pica? When you eat weird things.