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Science Unit 10

Forms of Energy

The amount of kinetic energy in an object depends on what two factors? mass and speed
What two types of energy are produced from a light bulb? light and heat
What is another name for light energy? radiant energy
This type of energy describes an object if it is moving. mechanical energy
This type of energy is stored in the nucleus of an atom. nuclear energy
This type of energy happens as waves vibrate against air molecules. sound energy
This type of energy is the energy of moving atoms of molecules. heat energy
This type of energy is stored in the bonds of atoms. chemical energy
This type of energy is the movement of electrons from atom to atom. electrical energy
Heat energy moves from a _____ object to a _____ object. warmer colder
What is the freezing point of water on the Celsius scale? 0 degrees
What is the boiling point of water on the Celsius scale? 100 degrees
What are 3 conductors of heat? copper, aluminum, and silver
What are 3 insulators of heat? glass, rubber, and plastic
How do hot molecules move? fast
How do cold molecules move? slow
List 2 examples of mechanical energy. a moving windmill and a person throwing a ball
List 2 examples of radiant energy. the sun and a light bulb
List 2 examples of sound energy. telephone changes from sound energy to electrical energy to sound energy
List 2 examples of chemical energy. food and gas
List 2 examples of heat energy. a fire and an oven
List 2 examples of electrical energy. a car battery and a lamp plugged into an outlet
List 2 examples of nuclear energy. nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
What does the acronym MRS CHEN help you to remember? The 7 forms of energy: mechanical, radiant, sound, chemical, heat, electrical and nuclear.
During energy transformations, energy is changed from _____ _____ _____ _____. one form to another
What type of energy is stored by the process of photosynthesis? chemical potential energy
When you add cold water to a hot bath, this is an example of what type of heat transfer? convection
Energy from the sun traveling in straight lines is an example of what type of heat transfer? radiation
Warm air rising and cool air sinking is an example of what type of heat transfer? convection
What does the law of conservation of energy state? Energy is never created nor destroyed.
A pot's handle becomes hotter as the food cooks is an example of what type of heat transfer? conduction
What form of energy is moving atoms in an object? heat
List 3 examples of potential energy from your notes. stretching a rubber band, water at the top of waterfall, drawing a bow
List 3 examples of kinetic energy from your notes. shooting a rubber band, water falling over a waterfall, a yo-yo in motion
What happens to the heat in your hand when you pick up an ice cube? your hand loses the heat
Energy of motion is _____ energy. kinetic
Stored energy is _____ energy. potental
What type of energy roasts a marshmallow over the fire without touching it? radiation
What is the most common energy conversion? The conversion between potential and kinetic energy.
What is gravitational potential energy? The energy an object has due to the position above the earth.
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