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Pyramus and Thisbe

matiching phrases

iuvenum pulcherrimus most handsome of the youth
quas Oriens habuit whom the East held
contiguas tenuere domos had adjoining houses
coctilibus muris with baked (brick) walls
tempore crevit amor in time, love grew
sed vetuere patres but the parents forbade it
nutu signisque loquuntur they spoke with nods and signals
nulli per saecula longa notatum noticed by no one through long ages
quid amantibus obstas? why do you obstruct the lovers?
ad oscula danda for the giving of kisses
ad amicas transitus auris a channel to friendly ears
sub noctem dixere at night they said
vale goodbye
ad solitum coiere locum they came together in the usual place
ut sineres toto nos corpore iungi to allow us to join with the whole body