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Unit 5: Study Guide

True or false, why

TermTrue or Fase, why
Body cells share common structures but the shape and composition are very different true
All amino acids can be made by the body false, certain ones must be included in the diet
The mineral needed to form red blood cells is sulfur false, iron is needed to form red blood cells
Nerve messages travel along two way pathways false, the travel on one way pathways
The thymus gland is the on that produces the greatest number of hormones and is often called the master gland false, It is the pituitary gland
A benign tumor does not spread, but a malignant tumor can true
The nucleus is the building block of the cell false, biochemical are the building block of cells
The pancreas is an example of an organ true
Starch is a lipid false, starch is a carbohydrate
Vitamins, Minerals, and Water provide energy false, they do not provide energy
Most absorption of nutrients occurs in the large intestine false, they occur in the small intestine
High blood pressure can often be reduced by decreasing sodium, keeping body weight normal, and exercising regularly. true
Osteoporosis is a disorder in which bones become more porous and brittle true
Messages travel along the nervous system to the glands, heart, and digestive system true
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