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World Geography - Summerville High School

urbanization more people moving from towns to cities
indigenous native
urban sprawl urban areas growing out of control
metropolitan area a city and its surrounding territories sharing industry
Megacity population over 10,000,000
Concentric Zone Model cities form in rings with downtown being the center
Sector Model Cities develop in zones
Multiple Nuclei Model A city may develop with more than one downtown
Central Business District AKA ... Downtown
Tenement slum apartment building
Favelas Brazilian shanty towns/slums
Industrialization transform from agriculture to manufacturing
Gentrification Rich moving in. Poor moving out.
Suburb residential outlying district of a city
Aristocrats (or "Aristocats") The nobles (rich)
Entrepreneur Takes financial risk to start a business
Capitalist Someone in the business of making money
James Watt Responsible for steam engine (or at least given credit)
The "Commons" public farm land
Crop Rotation moving crops around to keep nutrients in the soil
United Kingdom 1st to go through Industrial Revolution
Created by: jpresson