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Week 8 Vocab.

apnea cessation of breathing, especially during sleep
atelectasis a collapse of lung tissue affecting part or all of one lung
bradypnea respirations that are regular in rhythm but slower than normal in rate
bronchoscopy Examination of the bronchi through a bronchoscope
crepitus the discharge of flatus from the bowels.
dyspnea breathlessness or shortness of breath; labored or difficult breathing.
epistaxis hemorrhage from the nose
eupnea normal respiration
exacerbation any indication of disease perceived by the patient.
hemoptysis coughing up of blood or bloody sputum from the lungs or airway
laryngectomy partial or complete surgical removal of the larynx,
laryngitis inflammation of the larynx
laryngoscopy procedure used to view the inside of the larynx (the voice box).
pharyngitis Inflammation of the pharynx
pneumonectomy Inflammation of the lungs, usually due to infection with bacteria, viruses, or other pathogenic organisms
pneumonitis Inflammation of the lungs usually due to hypersensitivity, radiation exposure, aspiration, or viral infection
pulmonologist Respirologist
rhinitis Inflammation or irritation of the nasal passages, resulting in runny nose, nasal congestion, and/or postnatal drainage
rhinoplasty Plastic surgery of the nose
tachypnea Abnormally rapid breathing
thoracentesis Insertion of a needle through the chest wall and into a pleural space, usually to remove fluid for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
tracheitis Inflammation of the trachea
tracheostomy The surgical opening of the trachea to provide and secure an open airway
RLE Right lower extremity
RLL Right lower lobe
RLQ Right lower quadrant
ROM Range of motion
R; rt. Right
R/T Related to
RTO Return to office
RUQ Right upper quadrant
Rx Prescription
ลก Without
SOB Shortness of breath
SR Side rail
S/S Signs and symptoms
surg Surgery
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