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angel scince stack

science homework for geno middle school in mrs.koch class

What is force? Force is a push or a pull that is exerted on an object in order to change the motion of that object.
What is work? Work is a use of force to move an object from the same distance it was at. To find work you do force times distance or power times time.
What is a wave? Waves can be sound waves or light waves or even sound waves.
What is a medium? Medium is material such as solid, liquid and gas that goes into a wave that can travel.
What is a crest? Crest is a point where the waves are the highest.
What is a trough? Trough is a point where the waves are the lowest.
What is a longitudinal wave? Longitudinal wave is particles that move back and forth in the same direction that the waves travel.
What is compression? Compression is a push that travels into the waves.
What is a rarefaction? Rarefaction is the density of something.
What is a transverse wave? Transverse waves is a spring coil that moves up and down as the waves passes.
What is a mechanical wave? Mechanical waves are waves that require a medium.
What is a electromagnetic wave? Electromagnetic wave is a wave that haves light in it such as sunlight.
What is amplitude? Amplitude is a measurement of how far particles in the medium that moves from their resting position.
What is a wavelength? Wavelength is a distance from any point on a wave to the next identical point that is on the same wave.
What is frequency? Frequency is a number of waves that pass a point in a given amount of time. Usually in seconds.
What is a hertz (Hz)? One hertz is equal to one wavelength per a second.
What is a wave speed? Wave speed is the speed that the waves travel. You do work divide by power to get your time.
What is power? Power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way.
If 67w of power is produced in 18 seconds, how much work is done? w=p.t so 67 . 18= 1,206 Joules
If a group of kids can apply a force of 1000 newton's to move a box 20 meters, what amount of work did they do? w= f.d so 1000 n . 20 m= 20,000 Joules.
A person weighing 700 N gets on a elevator. The elevator lifts a person 7 m in 10 seconds. How much power was use? 700 n . 7m = work = 4,900 J than you do w divide by t and you get 490 watts.
There are lots of dolphins and they can communicate over a great distance. They use sound with very high frequency (there will be 8 cycles per each second). So if the speed of its sound is at 35 degrees Celsius as 856 m/s. how long will the wave length? 856 divide by 8 = 107
How do you figure out force? you do work divide by distance
How do you figure out time? you do work divide by power
What is the SI unit for power? it is watts
What is the SI unit for work? it is Joules
Dose sound travel fastest when the air is in warm or in cold? in warm
What is the difference of work and power? well work is the use of force to make an object move from a certain distance that it was at. Power is how quickly the work is being done.