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Australia, Oceania, Antarctica

Pacific island regions Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia
Outback Australian interior lands of dry plains
Uluru Ayers Rock
coral reef formed by skeletons of tiny sea creatures
Great Barrier Reef off NE coast of Australia; 1400 miles long
atoll ring-shaped coral island; enclosing a lagoon
geyser spray from natural hot springs
marsupial mammals that carry young in a pouch
invasive species nonnative plants and animals causing harm to natural ecosystem
Aborigines original inhabitants of Australia
Dreamtime Aboriginal creation stories; oral tradition
corroborree Aboriginal ceremony; includes song, dance, body decoration
boomerang Aboriginal hunting tool
station large Australian ranch
barbie Australian barbeque grill
missionary person sent by a church to spread religious beliefs
primary industry collecting natural resources
primary industry fishing, mining, agriculture
secondary industry using natural resources to make new products
secondary industry manufacturing
drought extended period without rain
ice sheet mass of compressed ice; covers 98% of Antarctica
ice shelf coastal extension ice sheet floating on the water
glacier slow moving river of ice
iceberg freshwater; broken off an ice sheet; floating freely
pack ice large seawater ice floating in polar regions
treaty agreement between nations
Antarctic Treaty preserves Antarctica for peaceful, scientific use
ozone layer filters harmul ultraviolet rays
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