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Human Body Quiz 1

Unit 3 The Human Body: Bones, Organs, Circulatory System; Investigations 1-3

Ligament strong tissue that holds bones together at joints
Tendon tissue that holds and attaches skeletal muscle to bones
Joint a place where bones are joined together
Muscle tissue that allows body parts to move
Smooth Muscle muscle found in internal organs/ aids in the passing of material through organs
Cardiac Muscle muscle found only in the heart
Skeletal Muscle muscle that allows movement in our bones
Circulatory System system that moves blood through the body, delivering nutrients an removing waste. Also known as "your bodys transportation system"
Heart Muscle in the chest/ main organ of the circulatory system
Vien blood vessel that contains carries blood TOWARD the heart. THERES NO OXYGEN!
Artery blood vessel that carries blood AWAY from the heart. THERE IS OXYGEN!
Aorta main artery in our heart that carries oxygenated blood to the body
Extensor muscle that STRAIGHTENS a body part at a joint
Flexor muscle that BENDS a body part at a joint
Cell basic building block of living things
3 Purposes Of Bones structure, protector for all (internal+vital) organs, a place for muscles to attach
Contracted Muscle muscle that bends a body part
Relaxed Muscle muscle that relaxes as it straightens
White Blood Cell blood cell that fights illnesses
Red Blood Cell blood cell that supplies your body with oxygen and gives red blood its color
4 Chambers Of The Heart Team Red: right atrium + right ventricle Team Blue: left atrium + left ventricle
Skull Cranium
Jaw Mandible
Center Of The Ribs Sternum
Parts That Go All Through Your Spine vertebrae
Your "Booty" Bone pelvis
Shins tibia and fibula
Forward Part Of Your Arm radius and ulna
Shoulder Blades scapula
Collar Bone clavicle
Hand carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges
Feet tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges
Knee Cap patella
Thigh Femur
Created by: Rclaxton1