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Solemnness Serious,earnest, grave
Refuge Protection or shelter, as from danger or hardship
Tallow Hard fat obtained from catle, sheep or horses and used in candles or soaps.
Quizzical Suggesting puzzelment ; teasing or mocking.
Bribe Something , such as money or a favor, offered to influence a person to act dishonesty
Acquainted To be familiar with
Jubilant Exulting joyful.
Reverance Profound awe or respect
Pride Pleasure or satisfaction taken in one's achievements or possessions; arogance, conceit
Authority The right or power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command or judge
Spectacal A remarkable or impressive sight.
Constable A peace officer with less authority than a sheriff
Suspicious Questionable, tending to suspect; distrustful
Testimony A declaration by a witness under oath, as before a court; supportive evidence.
Basin An open,shallow, usually round container used especially for holding liquids
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