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How many regions of Mexico are there? 5
What is a hacienda? Large Spanish-owned farm
What does NAFTA stand for? North America Free Trade Agreement
What is the capital of Mexico? Mexico City
What are some major economic activities of Mexico? Agriculture, Mining, Tourism.
What is the Mountain Range on the western coast of Mexico? Sierra Madre Occidental
What is the Mountain Range on the eastern coast of Mexico? Sierre Madre Oriental
What is the Mountain Range on the southern coast of Mexico? Sierra Madre Del Sur
What is irrigation? The artificial watering of farmland.
What region lies between the three mountain ranges? Central Plateau
The central plateau has a mild climate. True or False. True
What is the major oil producing region? Gulf Coastal Plain
What region has little farmland, so economic activity is tourism? Southern Pacific Coast
The Yucatan Peninsula's major economic activity is agriculture. True or False? False. The major economic activity is tourism.
The Northern Pacific Coast is densely populated. True or False. False. Sparsely populated.
Which region has the Mayan Ruins? Yucatan Peninsula.
What is a hole formed when limestone is dissolved causing the land above to collapse. Sinkhole
What happened in 1821? Mexican war of independence begins.
What happened in 1920? Mexico becomes independent.
Most Mexicans speak French. True or False? False. They speak Spanish.
What is Mexico's major religion? Roman Catholic
What is the percentage of urbanization? 76%
What ancient Indians lived in Mexico in 250 A.D. and where? Mayans. Yucatan Peninsula.
What Ancient Indians lived in Mexico int he 1400's and where? Aztecs. Mexico City.
What did the Spanish come to Mexico for (3g's)? Gold, God, Glory
What year did the Spanish come to Mexico. 1519
What did Indians who were forced to work on haciendas die from? Overwork, disease, war
What do most rural Mexicans work on? land given by government(subsistence), large commercial farms, growing cash crops.
Why do a lot of Mexicans live in cities? Better opportunities, jobs.
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