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GMAT Memorization

Forbid to
As vs Like As=Compares Verbs (Runs as fast as me) Like=Compares Nouns (Like him, she has a jacket)
Hypothesis that
Just As... So to
Different from
Try to
Belive to be
Regard as
A Native of
Native to
The same as
see as
Worry about
Define as
Require to
think of as
Superior to
dispute over
whether vs if Whether- Decide between 2 options, If- conditional statement (If...then)
Permit to
So (Adj) as to be
the more the ***
credit with
responsibility to
so (Verb) that
Consider nothing
Attribute to
As... As
Neither Nor
Ability to
Each vs. All Each- Emphasize individuals. All =togetherness
not only but also
Not so as
Distinguish From
Distinguish Between and
prohibit to
More/Less than
Either or
Responsible For
Both and
From... to
Not but
Target at
Like Vs Such As Such As= Examples Like=Comparrison
Estimate to be
Plug in Variables vs Answers Variables=variables in the answer Answer=asking for a specific answer
Including vs Like Including= List of examples Like=Compare nouns.
SC: Long vs Short Long=Sentence Structure errors (misplaced modifiers/parallel) Short= Read the sentence in full ( meaning/idiom)
Present Perfect Something is thoroughly done, but is present= I have been eaten and apple a day for the last 20 years. He has been a rep for years
Past Perfect To be “thoroughly done” and also “past”. Something that is already over and finished by the time another past even happens= I had been a rep for 20 years before the scandal.
Future Perfect To be “thoroughly done” and also “future”= in 3 days, I will have been a rep for 20 years.
When i see "and" It could be parallel make sure the forms are the same. Only use and for like terms!