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Stages of Grieving

Engle and Kubler

Engel's Six Stages Shock and disbelief, Developing awareness, Restitution, Resolving the loss, Idealization, Outcome
"I know I won't be having Sunday Dinner with my mother anymore, maybe my husband and I can eat out this Sunday" RESOLVING
"I can't believe my mother died of breast cancer. She was never seriously ill in her life" SHOCK AND DISBELIEF
"My mother was the perfect parent, I wish I could be more like her with my kids" IDEALIZATION
Every time I think of my mother I can't help but cry" DEVELOPING AWARENESS
"I've been attending mass every morning to pray for my mother's soul to help me get over her death" RESTITUTION
"I miss my mother, but at least now I can accept her death and try to get on with my life" OUTCOME
Exaggeration of good qualities of the person or object lost, followed by acceptance of the loss. IDEALIZATION
Involve the rituals surrounding loss including funeral services RESTITUTION
The final resolution of the grieving process. OUTCOME
KUBLER 5 stages Denial and Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
An Aids patient tells you " I am no longer afraid of dying, I think I have made my peace with everyone and I am actually ready to move on. ACCEPTANCE
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