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Drug Problems

Dosage problems

The physician has prescribed phenytoin (Dilantin) elixir 20 mg Bid for an infant with seizure. The drug comes in a concentration of 30 mg/4ml. The nurse should administer what amount per dose ANSWER: 2.68 (20/30 x 4)
Ordered: Liquid Tylenol100 mg AVAILABLE: Liquid Tylenol elixir 325 mg / 5 cc How many cc's do you give? ANSWER: 1.54 cc's (100 / 325 X 5)
For a man experiencing chest pain, the physician has ordered Nitroglycering 1/150 gr. The nurse will correctly administer the tablet labeled ____ mg? ANSWER: 0.4 mg (convert gr to mg 1/150 X 60/1 = 0.4)
The physician has ordered Morphine Sulfate 10 mg to be given IM Stat. The vial is marked 1/4 gr / cc. What dosage do you give? ANSWER: 0.67 mg (convert grains to mg then 10/15 X 1)
They physician ordered Kantrex 15mg/kg/day. Baby boy J weighs 10 lbs. How many mgs will you give over the course of one day? ANSWER: 68 mg (convert lbs to kg 10/2.2 = 4.55 kg then 4.55 X 15 = 68 mgs per day)
Give vistral gr 1/6. the vial contains 5 mg / cc. How many cc's do you give? ANSWER: 2 cc's
Doctor's order reads Digitalis 2 mg. you have on hand tabs labeled gr 1/60 per tab. How many tablets would you give? ANSWER: 2 tabs
Doctor's order reads Penicillin G400,000 U IM. You have on hand a vial labeled Penicillin 1,000.000 U per 5 cc. What amount would you give ANSWER: 2 cc (400,000 / 1,000,000 X 5)
your patient is to receive Thorazine 10 mg IM PRN. You have on hand a vial labeled 1cc = .030 Gm. How many minims would you give? ANSWER: 4.5 minims. (convert grams to mg... 30 mg) (10 mg / 30mg X 1 = 0.3 cc.. NOW convert cc's to minims --(there are 15 minims in 1 cc) 0.3 X 15)
Doctor's order: Digitoxin gr 1/300 ON HAND: Tablet 0.10 mg How many tabs do you give? ANSWER: 2 Tabs (convert gr to mg 1/300 x 60/1 = 2 Tabs)
Created by: k2snots