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Overview of South Asia

Tell me about the size of South Asia Still growing by about 1 inch every year.
South Africa is referred to as The Sub Continent
Which continent was a separate continent for most of the geologic history? South Asia
What is the Worlds tallest Mountain range? Himalayan
Which country is almost half the size of the continental US? India
What are the 4 sub regions of South Asia India Pakistan and Bangladesh Nepal and Bhutan Sri Lanka and the Maldives
Which Mountains runs through India, Nepal, China, and Bhutan? Himalayan Mountains
What is another word for Mountains = Convergent Plates
How were the Himalayan Mountains formed? When the Indian and Eurasian Plates collided
What is the Worlds Tallest and Youngest Mountains? Himalayas
The Himalayas grow 1 centimeter per year due to? Plate Movement
What Mountains help the Himalayas provide a natural barrier for India? Hindu Kush Mountains
Is it Easy or Difficult to invade or conquer India? Difficult
Is there a large amount of trade between China and India? Little amounts
How tall is Mount Everest? 29,035 feet
Mount Everest is 29, 035 feet which = how many miles? 6 Miles
Mount Everest is located on? The border of China and Nepal
Is Mount Everest still growing today? Yes
What are some symptoms of Altitude sickness? Nausea, Headache, Brain swells
What must climbers adjust to as they climb higher? Lower level of oxygen
What does the Ghats mean in Hindi? River landing Stairs or Mountain Pass
What does the Western and Eastern Ghats create? Rain Shadow in the Deccan Plateau
Is South Central India Wet or Dry? Dry
Deccan Plateau is a ? peninsular plateau in Central India
Is the Deccan Plateau Wet or Very Dry? Very Dry due to Western and Eastern Ghats
Name one of the major rivers that form from snowmelt and Rainwater from the Himalaya Ganges
What is the most important river in South Asia? The Ganges
How many people live along the Ganges alluvial plain? 400 Million
The Ganges River is worshipped by ? Hindus as the Goddess of Ganga
Who Bathes in the Ganges River? The Hindus
The Ganges River is important for ? Agriculture and Culturally
That is the 5th most polluted river in the word? The Ganges River
Why is the Ganges River so polluted Religion - They will dump Human an Animal bodies into the Ganges River. Population - 400 million people can create a lot of trash.
How is the Climate South Asia shaped? It is shaped by Monsoons
What does Monsoons mean? Seasonal Wind
Where does the Summer winds come from? India Ocean towards India
India Heavy Rains is = Wet Season
Where does the Winter winds in South Asia come from? Himalayas towards India
Challenges of Summer Floods? Disease and death Polluted water Crops Loss Closed streets
Challenges of Winter floods are? Little to no rain death of crops
Size of South Asia in comparison to the US. It is about 1/2 the size of the US but has a population more that 5x that of the U.S.
All Countries in South Asia are growing how? Rapidly
The rapid growth in South Asia causes? Strain on Land and Resources
What is South Asia greatest resource? Labor
When you have High Population you have? Lots of people that need jobs and willing to work for less money.
Does India have a lot of wealthy people? No, It has a small number of elite wealthy people.
South Asia has 3 major religions? Hinduism Buddhism Sikhism
Most people in South Asia are of what religion? Hindu
In the South Asia Sub continent what is the popular religion? Islam
Most people in India live rich or in poverty? Live in Poverty, but the middle class is growing.
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