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COD SOC 3: Chapter 3

Fundamentals Of Statistics: Chapter 3

Why do people prefer graphs? Graphs tell a story in pictures rather than in words or numbers.
Name six different types of graphs used in Statistics? Pie, Bar, Histogram, Statistical Maps, Frequency polygons, and Time Series charts.
What type of variables are pie and bar charts typically used for? Nominal and Ordinal variables.
What type of variables are histograms, Statistical Map and frequency polygons used for? Interval-Ratio variables.
What is the function of Time Series Charts? Shows how some variables change over time.
What is the function of a pie chart? It shows the difference in frequencies or percentages among categories of a nominal or an ordinal variable.
What is the function of a bar graph? It provides an alternative way to present nominal or ordinal data graphically. It also shows the differences in frequencies or percentages among categories.
How are bar charts utilized? They often used to compare one or more categories of a variable among the different groups.
How are statistical maps used? They are useful for describing geographical variations in variables, such as population distribution, voting patterns, crime rates, or labor force composition.
What is the function of a histogram? They are used to show the differences in frequencies or percentages among categories of an interval-ratio variable.
How is a histogram similar to a bar chart? How are they different? The histogram is drawn with the bars touching each other to indicate that the categories are contiguous. The width of each bar corresponds to the number of possibilities within that interval.
What is the function of a frequency polygon? It shows the differences in frequencies or percentages among categories of an interval-ratio variable. Points representing the frequencies of each category are placed on the graph and are joined by a straight line.
What is the function of a time series chart? It displays changes in a variable at different points in time. It involves two variables: time, which is labeled across the horizontal axis, and a variable of interest whose values are labeled along the vertical axis.
What are some negative aspects of graphs? They can be distorted or manipulated.
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