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Whistling Mystery

phrase cards for repeated reading of ReadWorks.org article, "The Mystery of the

borough of Staten Island one of five divisions of New York City
which was decidedly eerie very strange or creepy
"acoustic baffles" flexible sound barriers to keep sound low
section of Father Capodanno Boulevard the name of a street
noise that sounded something like whistling * * *
some residents people who lived there
100,000 people with unlimited air one hundred thousand people with unlimited air
giant metal skeleton frame of the building
blew off of the Atlantic Ocean * * *
devices designed, ironically the baffles were supposed to stop sound, but ended up making sound
exposed to the wind the wind could blow on it
skyscrapers in Midtown had architectural features the tall buildings were made in a certain way
exteriors which contained the outside had
Created by: sivadirol