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chapter 21 vocab

air mass a large body of air throughout which temperature and moisture content are similar
anemometer an instrument used to measure wind speed
barometer an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure
cold front the front edge of a moving mass of a cold air that pushes beneath a warmer air mass like a wedge
hurricane a severe storm that develops over tropical oceans and whose strong winds of more than 120 km/h spiral in toward the intensely low-pressure storm center
mid-latitude cyclone an area of low pressure that is characterized by rotating wind that moves toward the rising air of the central low-pressure region
occluded front a front that forms when a cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass and lifts
radiosonde a package of instruments that is carried aloft by a balloon to measure upper atmospheric conditions, including temperature, dew point, and wind velocity
radar a system that uses reflected radio waves to determine the velocity and location of objects
stationary front a front of air masses that moves either very slow or not at all
station model a pattern of meteorological symbols that represents the weather at a particular observing station and that is recorded on a weather map
thermometer an instrument that measures and indicates temperature
thunderstorm a usually brief heavy storm that consists of rain strong winds lightning and thunder
tornado a destructive rotating column of air that has very high wind speeds and that may be visible as a funnel-shaped cloud
warm front the front edge of an advancing warm air mass that replaces colder air with warmer air
wind vaned an instrument used to determine the direction of the wind
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